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Friends Anonymous 62494

Do you have any friends?

Anonymous 62496

My mom is my friend.

Anonymous 62502

I moved cities twice for school and lost all my friends.
Literally all of them.
My only friends now are family, by they are very supportive so it is fine.

The upside is that I hate where I am living right now so when I move again it will be easy.

Anonymous 62505


surprisingly yes. although because of quarantine its mostly been online, but i still talk to them on the phone or through text daily. even before then, i was regularly hanging out with them in person.

Anonymous 62509

Anonymous 62513

The only friend I have left is my half-sister. Every time I think about her I can't help but be reminded about what a fuckboy tool our dad is. Just spending time with her makes me hate him.

Anonymous 62516

not really. i have one online friend, we met in middle school so we have a very strong bond. she lives 10+ hours away though.

i get exetremely lonely, i have guy friends but it's not the same. girls are soo much harder ro befriend. it always feels like they are looking for something wrong/wrong with me, like to find a reason to talk about me to their "better" friends. ((Does anyone else feel this way?))

Anonymous 62519

Tell her how you feel be honest about it.

Anonymous 62529

No, all of them talk to me like a enemy or a stranger would

Anonymous 62536

No and I don't care tbh

Anonymous 62557

No. I really want friends. I’m taking the first step by using anon boards less and normie sites more often.

It’s really pathetic but I desperately want a group of friends like you see in movies and stuff we’re you can just call up your friend and talk about whatever, go shopping, go out for lunch dates, get advice, etc.

Anonymous 62697


By the definition i don't, since its not mutual, my affection is just smoke and mirrors, my altruism is actually selfishness in disguise, i know that humans are flawed creatures that will disappoint sooner or later, so i try not to get attached while playing this game,i suspect there are people who consider me as a friend in the classical sense so to speak, i feel sorry for them.

Anonymous 62731


Anonymous 62733

I love Tolstoy too :)

Anonymous 62737

I have my husband as a best friend, other than that, I don't believe I've ever had more than surface level friends.

Anonymous 62752

I did but now I cannot talk to online male friends anymore

Anonymous 62772

Why's that?

Anonymous 62777

I love my Friends in theory but hanging out with them makes me depressed. I'm only ever happy when I'm in my room by myself, like right now. Covid is the best thing to ever happen

Anonymous 62795

Yeah, even if they're not annoying I don't like hanging out a lot. My ideal Friendship is one that is online where both or us are ok with being ghosted for months… Or forever lol

Anonymous 62796

Most of my friends either moved away to colorado or just don't really have time to hang out anymore. Oh well

Anonymous 62900

I have no friends and I’m past the life stage for making new ones.

My old friends from school got serious relationships and kids. Now they don’t really need my friendship anymore because they have their need for companionship met.

Hobbies and vices keep me busy outside of work, so I don’t focus too much on feeling lonely.

Anonymous 62907

same here for the most part except I have way too much free time on my hands, long for companionship, but have a really hard time actually bonding with others because I get tired of everyone.

Anonymous 62916

No. I have people I've been casually talking to, but my relationship with them is nothing more than very sporadic on-and-off interaction that could stop at any moment. The last person that I thought was finally a real friend decided to ghost me and now I feel more exhausted and uninterested in trying to make new friends than ever. My trust in others feels permanently broken.

Anonymous 62918

Same. I was talking to this guy I met in class for like 6 months and he was always super eager to talk to me. Then class finishes and corona lockdown and not a single text from him since.
This was back in February.

Anonymous 62932


Sorry to hear about that. It seems like alot of people have been getting ghosted on with quarantine. Just further goes to show how weak some relationships between people are, if they rely on nothing but face-to-face communication to be maintained.

Anonymous 63052

i have a few friends i'm close with. i really need to be more proactive since i am the type to be by myself most of the time.

Anonymous 63081

I want this too

Anonymous 63207

I have the opposite problem since I’m an extrovert. I meet new people, find something to like about them and I have to internally talk myself out of acting too eager to spend time with them.

Anonymous 63208

Yes. A few. I'm grateful for them. We talk to one another regularly despite COVID, through late night calls and group chats.
Sometimes I can't help thinking about previous friendships I ruined when on my own, in regret. I had a larger social circle then. Though beating up myself for the past won't help me improve my present circumstances. Quality over quantity.
>long for companionship, but have a really hard time actually bonding with others because I get tired of everyone.
This too TBH. You know they're the real ones when your social interaction batteries drain less around them, or they understand when you need space.

Anonymous 63212

>This too TBH. You know they're the real ones when your social interaction batteries drain less around them, or they understand when you need space.

For me it's more that over time I find more and more flaws and just stop being able to tolerate them. I don't know why I'm so judgmental, I don't think I'm better than them, I just somehow lack the ability to really appreciate them and feel emotionally bonded. There's always something small they do that just pushes me away, and no matter how much I know that it's not their fault and I probably do way more annoying shit, I just can't help it. All I want is a few long-term irl friends that I don't get sick of.

Anonymous 63407

My sister
My male friend but I can't talk to him anymore as much.
Thats it.

Anonymous 63408

I think their flaws are what makes them, them. I dont care if my friends have flaws as long as they never betrayed me, they were loyal and dont talk behind my back that's all anyone wants in any type of relationship.
Trust loyalty honesty

Anonymous 63409


Anonymous 63411

>I can't talk to him anymore as much
It's the quarantine. Isn't it?

Anonymous 63876

not many female ones. my hobbies make me surrounded by men, and its difficult for me to approach other people

Anonymous 63879

what kind of hobbies?

Anonymous 63892

Not the poster you are replying to.

I am learning to fly a plane as a hobby. Other than my instructor and the owner of the flight school I attend, the pilots and students who hang out at my local airport are all men. The thing that makes male dominated hobbies lonely is that you can participate in the hobby but you don’t get much out of it in terms of building a social life. At best you are a boring loner, at worst you end up quitting a hobby because some douche made you feel very unwelcome.

Anonymous 63962


Nope. I haven't had any for ten years. And don't want any. I've gone full schizoid.

Anonymous 64894

Anonymous 64909

is that a quote by tolstoy ?

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