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Anonymous 62527

What is the lurking miner drinking?
I am in for my third cup of mint tea with a splash of evaporated milk. I swear this thing is l o v e l y.

Also drink and food general.

Anonymous 62533

Currently a few weekend drinks - particularly cider.

Also please tell me I'm not the only one who enjoys these home cafe videos, everyone I showed them to hates them

Anonymous 62537


just came back from shopping with my mother and these sparkling juices taste pretty good

Anonymous 62562


I drink matcha genmaicha all day every day, it's very nice and rich

Anonymous 62892


Those videos are so cute, it's too bad that no one around you appreciates them. On that topic, there is this one youtuber that makes bentos for their family which I also enjoy watching.

And to answer OPs question, homemade milk tea is really good, otherwise jasmine green tea.

Anonymous 62958

Lightly sweetened Steaz peach green tea. Soo yummy

Anonymous 62980


Some rooibos tea infused with vanilla and strawberry.

Anonymous 63009

how do i get into tea, ladies

Anonymous 63016

Try different kinds? I always thought I don't like tea, but I just don't like infusions (fruit tea and the like). I really like green tea though, depending on the type it can taste really rich and not like leaf water at all.

Anonymous 63045

What's a good brand of green tea?

Anonymous 63062

I like to drink tumeric tea because it helps a lot with my digestion but it tastes so bad. Recently I found that if you mix it with unrefined whole cane sugar and lemon it'll taste good.

Anonymous 63066


my mom mixes kumquat/calamansi juice with caramelizing sugar. Then she adds it in jasmine tea. It tastes really good, kinda like lemon tea but smells better imo

Anonymous 63136


Chifir tea.
It tastes awful at first, but is somewhat addictive later.
And you can make it in an Italian coffee maker, too!

Anonymous 63138

I actually really like the taste of tumeric/tumeric tea. Have you tried tumeric with warm milk? It's really nice.

I looked it up and it sounds hardcore.

Anonymous 63150

I drank about 34 ounces of coffee with 2 tablespoons of french vanilla creamer. It was good but I'm about to have a panic attack

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