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Anonymous 62527

What is the lurking miner drinking?
I am in for my third cup of mint tea with a splash of evaporated milk. I swear this thing is l o v e l y.

Also drink and food general.

Anonymous 62533

Currently a few weekend drinks - particularly cider.

Also please tell me I'm not the only one who enjoys these home cafe videos, everyone I showed them to hates them

Anonymous 62537


just came back from shopping with my mother and these sparkling juices taste pretty good

Anonymous 62562


I drink matcha genmaicha all day every day, it's very nice and rich

Anonymous 62892


Those videos are so cute, it's too bad that no one around you appreciates them. On that topic, there is this one youtuber that makes bentos for their family which I also enjoy watching.

And to answer OPs question, homemade milk tea is really good, otherwise jasmine green tea.

Anonymous 62958

Lightly sweetened Steaz peach green tea. Soo yummy

Anonymous 62980


Some rooibos tea infused with vanilla and strawberry.

Anonymous 63009

how do i get into tea, ladies

Anonymous 63016

Try different kinds? I always thought I don't like tea, but I just don't like infusions (fruit tea and the like). I really like green tea though, depending on the type it can taste really rich and not like leaf water at all.

Anonymous 63045

What's a good brand of green tea?

Anonymous 63062

I like to drink tumeric tea because it helps a lot with my digestion but it tastes so bad. Recently I found that if you mix it with unrefined whole cane sugar and lemon it'll taste good.

Anonymous 63066


my mom mixes kumquat/calamansi juice with caramelizing sugar. Then she adds it in jasmine tea. It tastes really good, kinda like lemon tea but smells better imo

Anonymous 63136


Chifir tea.
It tastes awful at first, but is somewhat addictive later.
And you can make it in an Italian coffee maker, too!

Anonymous 63138

I actually really like the taste of tumeric/tumeric tea. Have you tried tumeric with warm milk? It's really nice.

I looked it up and it sounds hardcore.

Anonymous 63150

I drank about 34 ounces of coffee with 2 tablespoons of french vanilla creamer. It was good but I'm about to have a panic attack

Anonymous 131793

chili doge.jpg

i saw the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie the other day, and he ate a chili dog in it. now i really want to eat a chili dog. i'm imagining its taste and texture already. i wonder if the real thing will be as good as i imagine.

Anonymous 131811

I am just drinking some lemon and elderberry tea! I added some freshly squeezed lemon and orange juice with some honey and mint. Its very comfy :)

Anonymous 131852


Energy drink. I also have 2 left that I will drink straight after this one. I think I drink at least one almost everyday, sometimes 2 or 3 like today. I would post a pic of how many empty ones I had lying on and under my desk but I finally threw them away

Anonymous 131854

Mood tbh
I don't even like the taste
I just drink the white ones or the watermelon ones to stay thin

Anonymous 131860

I'm one of the ones who genuinely enjoys the taste. I guess half of them taste rather bad or even horrible (like redbull), but all the monsters that sell in my country are delicious, even the cum one. One could argue its because I'm caffeine dependent but even the first time I tried it I liked it.

Anonymous 131861

as a fan of hot dogs in general, can confirm chili dogs are good. obviously not something to eat every day, but they're quite tasty.

anyways, just starting my morning off with some water!

Anonymous 131876


Just green tea.

Anonymous 131888

Apple cider mix, cold.

Anonymous 131908

I love tea. Discovered milk tea a while back and every time I go to the asian store, I get a bottle. There's also quite a lot of asian shops cafe that sells bubble teas now. And as much as I hate bobba and bubble tea, I know a shop where the bubble are an add-on so I can get my milk tea on it's own. Which is pretty nice.
I really like to make smoothie and lemonade when it's hot.

I also really like to bake and a can make quite a lot of cakes. My favrorites and imo the easiest to do, are cookies, crepes and small choux pastry. I can put anything I want inside or just eat those plain, I love those so much.

Anonymous 131910

If you'd like, you can always make milk tea by yourself. You don't even need to use milk if you're a vegan, you could use doujiang or almond milk or something. I think you should try it if you already like making cakes.

Anonymous 131911

Milk tea is amazing if made right, it tastes better than regular tea. I have been drinking milk tea since I was a kid, regular tea tastes too bitter for me now, even if you put sugar in it. It's especially good if the milk is full fat.

Anonymous 131914

Never could get behind the taste of energy drink, I really don't like them. Except when they're paired with Jägermeister to make a Jägerbomb. Which is really weird since I don't like Jägermeister either but I really like the two mixed

So that what those small fruits are… I had some in a drink once but didn't know the name

That video is great, gave me a lot of ideas.I really liked the flowers in ice cube. I'll have to try that and give it to my mom, she'll love it

Anonymous 131917

Yeah, I did some once or twice, it's that hard to do either but to be honest, buying a bottle at the asian store is so much more convenient. I also tried with oat milk but it didn't work as well. There's a sort of richness cow milk has that I couldn't find in other type of milk I tried. Do you have one you would recommand?

Anonymous 131934

Right now I'm drinking hot water. I can't have variety as living by myself means I have to save now.

But if I could have anything back home, it would be a hot cup of earl grey on a rainy day whilst I learn Debussy pieces on the piano keyboard. Earl grey will always be such a pleasure. Ik I'm pretentious.
We're definitely on the same page about boba…and definitely baking and tea compliment each other so well. Have you ever had a hot Welsh cake and a cup of breakfast tea in the morning? We need to have a crystal cafe tea party one day, that would be the dream.

Anonymous 131936

Never even heard of a welsh cake before. They look really good, I'll try to make some in the future.

>tea party

Ahhh, that would be so fun… Any europeans interested?

Anonymous 131938

Yeah eating a Welsh cake feels like being given a hug from a grandma who smells powdery and loses her glasses a lot. And frick yeah an irl tea party would be awesome, I dont' know if other users would feel safe about it though.

Anonymous 136240

I have a camping drink I like to make. lavender black tea with powdered milk, brown sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon.

I have a canister of loose leaf that I have an infuser for, and all of the dry ingredients are mixed into essentially a creamer powder that I keep in a separate canister. Feels awesome when I'm out roughing it. There's something to be said about the flavor of powdered milk as well. I like it more than raw cream or regular milk.

Anonymous 136448

Lemonade I made from a sugar free powder and one whole lemon.

Anonymous 136961


an espresso frappuccino that i got earlier, put in the freezer after some time, forgot about it, and now it's not as blendy as it melts.

Anonymous 136984

My current favourites:

Matcha with oat milk and sugar free vanilla syrup (tastes like Starbuck's matcha frapuccino)

London Smog - decaf earl grey with oat milk and vanilla syrup

Hibiscus with fresh ginger and lime juice, good hot or cold

Anonymous 137038

Ever try brewing a London Fog/Smog with dried lavender leaves? It adds just a bit more and tastes divine.

Anonymous 137047

No but thanks for the rec anon!

Anonymous 137094

Just a tiny cup of coffee, non-fat milk, agave syrup and the coffee was a mix but mostly arabic I think. Today I started mixing a little spoon of cinnamon powder. The italian coffe maker is so small and makes the perfect amount for a single cup.

Anonymous 137101


i got into cheese tea i promise its not as disgusting as it sounds. It goes really well with fruit tea as well but i didn’t like it with green tea

Anonymous 137102


I love including mint in anything. If im drinking black tea i need mint. I love milk tea as well and i hate how people view it as a childish thing here.

Anonymous 137103


I don’t understand the fascination with milk tea? Outside of boba or irregular additions its just milk and tea? You could make that at home.
I love boba tea especially if it has brown sugar syrup:

Anonymous 137104

Where do you buy pink strawberries?

Anonymous 137105

It's a popular British pastime.

Anonymous 137106

It's very common where I'm from as well. It's really strange seeing people talk about it as if it's this super exotic drink.

I realized the reason it's common here is because of colonialism. The only good thing the Bri'ish did.

Anonymous 137119

I find the phrase "milk tea" weird. It's just tea or if you want to be specific, black tea with milk.

Anonymous 137323

Plain green tea.

Anonymous 137359


Anonymous 138188

I just had a "premium" Earl Grey latte. Besides sugar and milk it had a bit of coconut oil and white chocolate which gave it a rich flavor. 10/10 would drink daily if it didn't cost almost two dollars.

Anonymous 138204

You can probably make it yourself for less.

Anonymous 141049

hhhhhh i want to eat a baguette but the shops are closed right now

Anonymous 144260


I had some tea that I took home from my favorite tea shop. I visit Ireland yearly w my dad and brother, and theres this awesome place called secret garden and they have a really pretty backyard full of plants and they have a cat there. They sell really yummy herbal teas, so I like to buy some and bring them home with me. The tea at the bottom of the pic is the one I made for myself today

Anonymous 144300

I love iced tea, beer and vanilla coffees. I also drink a lot of mineral water obv.

Anonymous 145422

I am drinking ito en green tea

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