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Internet nostalgia Anonymous 62659

What were you doing on the internet before everyone moved to the same 3 social media sites? I used to mostly play flash games all day, frequent Omegle and girls only forums. sometimes i Wonder how the people i used to talk to are doing today…

Anonymous 62724

unnamed (3).gif

I spent my days on niche forums, multiplayer flash games, watched youtube videos, and tried to learn how to draw and make some of my own like the cool anime animations I kept seeing online, good times good times… Also painful to admit but I was a bit of a deviantartfag. I posted drawings of my friends and I as super heroes and anime girls… Now that I think of it, i also created blingees for my friends.

Anonymous 62726

heaps of flash games, cringe to say but the only social platform i was in is gaia. i played fantage quite a long time too so i guess that makes them 2. i also lurked on some blogs for art and watched anything on youtube.

i guess i did nothing much compare to most of you guys but being on the internet for quite long and only existed in games was healthier than what i spend my time on on internet right now. i cannot play vidya anymore because i have work ;-;

Anonymous 62727

I miss Internet forums so much.
I hate how Reddit and facebook groups took over.

Anonymous 62729


This so much. I made many lifelong friends on all those phpBB forums, the sense of community was amazing and spending time online was always cozy and engaging. Of course part of it was that I was young and got really immersed in things like rpg forums, but mostly it's that today's internet is just monetisation attempt after monetisation attempt, soulless subreddits, endless scrolling through reposts and clickbait. It's like a whole culture died out.

Anonymous 62744


>Multiplayer flash games
Ever played Sherwood?
Same. It was so painful to me to watch the forums i was in die out one by one

Anonymous 62748

Sadly I haven't.

Anonymous 62749


I spent a lot of time on Livejournal, particularly icon communities and stamping / rating communities where you filled out an application about your personality and other users commented with fictional character you resembled.

In hindsight, I regret not having participated more. I mostly marvelled at pretty graphics, saved thousands of icons, and read through other people's applications.

Anonymous 62751

i was mostly on chatango/ffn/chatzy rp groups, but i always find myself wishing i'd spread my net a little further, and been a little braver.

if i could go back (in addition to fixing about 90% of my irl issues) i'd definitely experiment a little with forums, fuck around on 4chan's hobby boards, actually try to make friends, etc.

Anonymous 62753

I was on one of the phpbb forums, those were good times.
Also a lot of time spent on LJ and a weeb community specifically for my country when I was around 14.

I miss when everyone had websites. That was so much fun and they had so much personality. Now everything is social media profiles that all look the same except for Tumblr. That's the one thing Tumblr will always get credit for from me - it's the last space online where you can really finetune your web presence, even if most blogs during a certain era were eyesores with autoplay, I still think of it fondly. I wish a new social media platform like that would pop up.

Anonymous 62754

I forgot the part about what I actually did lol.
When I was 13/14 I was part of a scanlation group and translated scripts from English to my language and cleaned up the text in scans.
Later I went into making ~graphics~ and was always on tutorial sites that would teach you how to make shit in Paint Shop Pro. I'm an older miner so at the time I only had dial-up internet and loading all these tutorial sites showing off their latest vector layout of some celebrity or Utada Hikaru built with imagemaps was hell. I saved .html pages to floppy disks (which i also used to transfer my shitty images back and forth from my computer to the internet computer) until I finally got to burn CDs. That REALLY makes me sound like a dinosaur, but we just didn't have the money to upgrade until my uncle gave us one of his shittier computers with a CD-ROM burner

On LJ I really got into the Lolita community around 15 and found /cgl/ which was my entrance to 4chan and imageboards and here we are.

Anonymous 62755

I love customizing my Tumblr theme, nowdays no one really bothers anymore because all themes revert to the default on mobile and even on desktop it's just easier to view any Tumblr blog on the side of the dashboard so i doubt a lot of people would actually get to see how your blog looks like;_;

Anonymous 62762


God customising your tumblr blog was the shiiiiit

Anonymous 62765

Overall I think cellphones along with social networks were the worst things to happen in the Internet history. I'll never stop using a computer, I's rather not have a cellphone.

Some products were far superior on that time (just compare ICQ and MSN to Whatsapp or any newer messenger), but I kinda miss even the "bad" ones for some reason, like Kazaa, eMule, which are obviously worse than torrents (though even Kazaa and eMule are of course bettern than Spotfy, Netflix etc.).

I also miss forums, chats, blogs, the interface of the older sites, the people on the Internet on that time. Yeah, I guess I miss pretty much everything.

I just want Facebook, Twitter and cellphones to die.

Anonymous 62766

>I just want Facebook, Twitter and cellphones to die.
This. We need to return to tradition.

Anonymous 62767

The older internet also felt much more customizable, everyone could have a profile that reflected their taste, it was fun browsing through different people's profiles. Now every profile looks the same, the only customizable thing is light and dark mode… The older internet was encouraging creativity much more than what the current internet.

Anonymous Moderator 62768

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