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/mttg/ - Mental Time Travel General Anonymous 62787

You just found out behind your desk a time vortex that doesn’t really send you to the past, just your mind to a time where you were younger.
Rules are simple: there are no rules! You can go anywhere to your past and stay, and fix your mistakes. What would you do, Crystal?
I was born in 1992. I would go back to early 2004. The reasons why I choose this date are simple. 1 I would be at least old enough for people to take me a bit more serious 2 there’s enough Internet and 3 I would not reject a boy from my school that wanted to give my first kiss on that year. Now, 11 yo girl kissing a guy might sound as a bad idea, and that’s because it is, 99% but I have reasons to believe that was my greatest mistake (can elaborate if someone wants to know more).
Now, what would I do:
1 I would write a book with tips to my parents about the future and ask them to only open it if I die or break my neck or something like this.
2 Since I would be the smartest kid in the whole school, as I already know everything they’re teaching, I would as my parents to put me in a better school on the next year, and even then I would probably be the best by a wide margin, I believe.
3 Get rich with things that I know that will happen. The first one would be like Biff on Back to the Future, with sports. The second one would be investing on assets that will value, like Amazon/Microsoft/Apple stock market, sell most of them before the 2008 crisis, buy again when they are cheaper and live with all the money I would make before I turn 20.
4 Embrace my nerd self, spend more time online on Internet forums, watching anime, playing videogames and making geekier friends. Indeed, pretending to be a normie was one of my greatest mistakes while growing up, to hell with most of my friends. I know how silly it sounds, but that’s my favorite resolution, I was a really sad kid, and I hate how I lost most of the best time of the Internet.
6 Dedicate more time to build an intellectual career that was always my dream, probably on economic history. Since I would be probably seen as a genius due to my results in school and stock market that might be easier.
7 Try to prevent some global crisis, like the Corona pandemic. I don’t know how since I wouldn’t tell anyone about my “powers” or pretend to be some sort of messiah, but I would do my best.

Anonymous 62894


i would literally do nothing but remember a few lottery numbers, study harder in school (go to a better school really…), and keep up my art game. probably even start learning japanese earlier.

Anonymous 62897

>not be a sperg in my school days
>seek help sooner, especially about ADHD
>act better during my first relationship
>not date the rebound guy
>enjoy my early 20s more
>don't befriend anyone at work, work harder, quit earlier
>work harder on art, take advantage of the opportunities
>don't burn as many bridges, just phase out instead of cutting people off, it's not always necessary to make a statement and will lead to fewer awkward situations
>never move out of 2nd apartment
>end relationship with That Guy sooner

>invest in bitcoin

Anonymous 62901

Almost exactly what I would do too, I would also probably post about future events as predictions on the internet just for fun

Anonymous 62941

>start learning japanese earlier
I would simply start learning japanese. I think I'm just too old now…

Anonymous 62943

>can elaborate if someone wants to know more
please elaborate

Anonymous 63129

When I was 11 some guy asked to the whole class which of us were kissless. I did what almost everyone did: I lied and I said I wasn't.
A few months latter, a guy, who was regarded as one of the most handsome of the class into meand asked me to kiss him. I said no because I thought he wasn't lying on that poll (if I was going to be his first I'll never know) and I since I didn't know how to kiss it would be awful. That happened again many times until I was too drunk to have courage to kiss someone on college.
Right now, I think if I had actually kissed him I could have actually dated someone during highschool, I really regret spending all these years without knowning what school love is.
There's more, this whole story of this blunder is quite longer, but I guess you could understand part of it.

Anonymous 63157

Tell us more, anon.

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