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Aliexpress Anonymous 62902

Post dumb shit from Aliexpress
Post Aliexpress goods that you want to buy or have bought

Anonymous 62903


Anonymous 62904

Screenshot at Sep …

Anonymous 62908


Anonymous 62909

Screenshot at Sep …

Thanks for playing along Anon, my quest to find something snickers-related to respond with led me to these light-up sneakers

Anonymous 62910


I wanted to find something that glows?? and found the worst fucking thing I've ever seen in my life

Anonymous 62911

Screenshot at Sep …

Here's something glowy back at you, is it bad that I unironically want the black ones? If your answer is yes then consider simply not responding

Anonymous 62945

>we are killing the planet to produce pillows with nick cage's face on them
capitalism was a mistake.

Anonymous 62947

More like the socialist republic of cheap labor was a mistake.

Anonymous 62950

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