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Why have all these asian pop culture figures been an heroing at age 36? Anonymous 63115

3 in like the last week. Her, Alien, and Oh In-Hye just today.

do you think it's because people find you valueless once you're old and ugly, especially as a woman (life is practically over after age 40) or some /x/ related reason?

Anonymous 63125

"The 27s," also known as "The 27 Club" is a term that refers to American artists and musicians who died at the age of 27.

Anonymous 63149

So what you're saying is that with the time-zone difference it's 36 for the Orient?

Anonymous 63183

people put so much emphasis on women being YOUNG that i can't blame them. like the "christmas cake" shit wasn't enough…yet we also know moids fap to milf and even gilf/cougar fantasies. moids don't even know what they want until their dick gets erect, so why should anyone listen to their mouth-noises?

Anonymous 63186

>especially as a woman (life is practically over after age 40)

It isn't if you have a family or a career (or any kind of meaningful purpose in life).
The problem is some women end up with neither.
Either they end up in a shit marriage, or they go full on career mode and fail to get anywhere substantial.
Then life sucks, because you feel as if you are stuck with a life you hate and there is no remedy at that point.

But that's just life, really. Not everyone will make it.

Anonymous 63191

It's the same for everyone. Like what >>63125 said there's been only a recent worship of youth over age in modern times. Just hate old people and hate the concept of aging. Become a manbaby. That's what everyone's told to think, generation after generation.

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