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digital use Anonymous 63182

what does the cafe typically use their computer for? what are your top data uses? (pic: windirstat).

most of my time is spent on the net tbh, maybe 80%. 10% media acquisition/use and 10% studying. somehow i only have 20GB of music and about 8GB of fanart. anime files are so fucking huge.

Anonymous 63187

i use it for ~200 GB of otome games and 35 GB of music. that's it

Anonymous 63217

Pretty much the same as you. Internet and studying. I usually put downloaded media onto an external hard drive. I wish I could do more interesting things on the computer but my laptop can't handle it.

Anonymous 63273

that's a lot of otome games.
i've heard that some moids have TB worth of hoarded porn. i think moids mostly use their machines for porn and vidya.

Anonymous 63331

I've heard that too. It's not uncommon for them to have 10+ TB of porn videos saved. They even need special software to help sort all their porn files. Honestly moids should not be allowed to access technology, they clearly don't know how to use it intelligently.

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