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How to get rich Anonymous 63209

As fast as possible without education & talents

Anonymous 63210

>inb4 arguments about online whoring

Anyway, are you opposed to scamming?

Anonymous 63216

I don't even know how to properly be a whore. Is there some kind of tutorial?

Anonymous 63218

Make onlyfans, make twitter, follow other onlyfans girls, participate in rt 4 rt. Hope you're hot enough to make a decent amount. Start doing more and more things you didn't previously consider, burn out within a few years max, invest all your money in drugs.

Anonymous 63272

>without education & talents
go jeff epstein and blackmail powerful and wealthy people for their horrible, horrible sexual fetishes

Anonymous 63283

Not OP but tell me more.

Anonymous 63284

Don't whore online–it follows you for the rest of your life. Get an education OP.

Anonymous 63286


Just fuck off, will you?

Anonymous 63288

Is this the so-called sex-positive feminism? What strange logic.

Anonymous 63291

NTA but I have a bunch of female friends that say the same things. Personally I think you can be smart about it and stay anonymous, but if you're not prepared to be outed, then you simply shouldn't do it, because you only need to slip up once and most girls who try to get into it aren't aware of all the mistakes they could make. It's a much more dangerous thing to do than most realize when they go "oh haha I'll just sell nudes". But it's also not as dangerous as some want you to believe. If you do get doxxed, it's unlikely that something bad will happen to you, but your reputation will suffer.

Anonymous 63301

Covid is prime time for fake Gofundmes. Invent a story of how you lost your job or have to escape an abusive household, spam it under popular tweets.

Or make fake listings using stolen photos of trendy items, send an empty (tracked) package, abandon account, start again.

Anonymous 63303

I see..

Does anyone have more ideas for fake Gofundmes?

Anonymous 63310

Chronic illness, accident, burnout, vet bills, long distance relationship plane tickets (maybe not right now though)

Anonymous 63311

Just put as many woke points as possible, like black, disabled, trans, autistic. And spam it on woke twitter. Ez

Anonymous 63333

Any tips for earning money on Patreon? I'm pretty talentless, but some people use it for other stuff too, right?

Anonymous 63334

Does anyone ITT do the bare minimum? "I have no talents" is not an excuse to ask to be spoonfed. Adapt and find something you're good at or put in the work to get better.

Anonymous 63336

This thread is about earning money as fast as possible, read the description, goddammit.

Anonymous 63342

Larp as tranny
Make gofundme


Anonymous 63429

This except plan to quit in 5 years, understand that you're just getting money in the short term and you still might need to work a boring job.

Start an instagram page too and get dms from rich saudi arabian businessmen offering to fly you out to fuck them for money.

Its doable, but you need to be smart and know when to quit.

And never ever do drugs, or even drink to much. Learn to fake being lifted, when you're still completely sober.

Anonymous 63442

How attractive are you?
And what are your morals?

Only fans and prostitution are a talentless way to make money
Finding some rich guy and marrying him is nice too

Really there's no way to get rich fast with no talents beyond these

Anonymous 63444

Unironically this.

Anonymous 63448


But honestly the truth is that even sex work requires some level of skill and talent and it is work, a shitton of it. You don't just make a living by being hot, you need to project the right persona, market yourself effectively in the oversaturated sea of other girls who would do the same things for free or cheaper, avoid getting ripped off, make smart decisions. You don't just masturbate in front of a webcam and make bank. Panty selling, foot pics, all those things require a fanbase first and foremost. Without that, you're just a boring nobody who doesn't stand out from the thousands of other girls who work harder and have nothing to lose.

For a year I lived off earnings from financial domination, which is probably the least degrading form of sex work, but having real, dedicated slaves is still so much work and emotional stress that I would rather have a boring office job. Don't ask me for advice, I've seen too many of my friends get pulled into it because they thought it was "goals" and they all got too careless and fucked up.

Anonymous 63449

Wow anon, can you share some stories on how they fucked up? I think many girls are under the impression that it is just easy money and go into it without knowing what expects them.

Anonymous 63452

>Finding some rich guy and marrying him is nice too
Being a prisoner?

Anonymous 63453

OP doesn't want to make a quick buck to supplement her regular income, OP wants to get rich quick. Take a look on Twitter right now, every sex work tag is flooded with desperate girls selling Onlyfans or Snapchat for 5 dollars a month and if you check their OF profiles they get maybe a few likes per photo which tells you how many subs they have. If you want to be successful, you have to stand out. I don't cater to any niche, but I've known sex workers all across the board. Most of them live in squalor and project an image of being much more wealthy than they are because nothing invites more predatory behavior than being a sex worker who shows how desperate she is. The successful sex workers have committed their entire lives to their online persona and are very public and communicative. If you slack off, a new flavor of the month girl will take over.

Anonymous 63986


god i hate these insufferable fucks. theyre more corporate and fake than any western kike musician will ever be.

Anonymous 64003

i've heard of people selling feet pics, used underwear and shoes

Anonymous 64008

Just marry and divorce him lol

Anonymous 64011

TSLA Oct 30 2020 420 C

Anonymous 64020

why did this post make me laugh irl

Anonymous 64024

Become a streamer. You don't even need to be good or even that pretty to get simps. I'd recommend some mmo like WoW or FFIV.

Anonymous 65998

Im a sex worker I make 1000-1500 euro everynight sometimes 2000 if it is busy easy money if you are willing to do it

Anonymous 66000

You get railed by ugly fat clients that you need to pretend they look good?
That seems very difficult. But thats good money not gonna lie.

Anonymous 66016

How can normies handle being touched so casually by strangers?

Anonymous 66017


they cant, nobody does

Anonymous 66024

They must be really confident about their bodies if they can show them to total strangers.

Anonymous 66066

OP does not specify that the process to become rich should be easy nor even safe. Whore work is the best way to make lots of money fast if you have incredibly high risk tolerance (high chance of disease or getting brutalized by patrons) with requiring no talent (only the ability to float and maintain your body for sell, neither requiring talent in any manner.)

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