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Does anyone else think that steak is overrated? Anonymous 63244

It doesn't taste THAT good.
Get the cheapest cuts of meat and cook something with them (stews, roasts, meat pies, even a sandwich) and the combination of flavor beats the solitary flavor of even a supposedly good steak.

Anonymous 63245

I didn't much care for it, when I was living with my parents, but my boyfriend loves Steak and regularly buys them for us every week. We always have at least 8 Steaks in the Fridge, not counting the dozens in the freezer. Steak & Eggs are one of the dishes he can do very well. I only knew the dry, over-cooked meat of my mom and never cared for it, but he roasts them for 2 minutes and then puts them in the Oven for 12-16 minutes depending on how thick the Steak is. They are always tender, moist and succulent. I love them now too.

Anonymous 63248


Good beef doesn't need to be cooked at all, not even seared. Slice it thin or mince it fine and salt it. That's all.

Anonymous 63249

Fuck off with this shit meme.
Raw meat (and fish) is fucking disgusting.

And not it does not taste better. It tastes bad and is slime and disgusting.

Anonymous 63250

I like how they keep one-upping each other?
Medium? I eat it rare!
Rare? I eat it blue!
Cooking a stead? I eat it raw!

What's next? Take a bite out of a living cow?

I tried everything and can conclusively say that cooking meat extremely enhances the flavor.

Anonymous 63302

If your meat has slime you unironically have bigger problems. Meat should be borderline dry on the surface.

Anonymous 63307

Have you heard of dry ageing meat? Blergh

Anonymous 63316

Don't lie to yourself. Raw meat does not taste better than cooked meat. You are only trying to jump on the stupid bandwagon of consuming raw meat because TV personalities and reddit tells you it is what foodies do.

I think you meant curing, not dry aging because after the dry aging process you still cook it.
Regarding cured meat, cured meat is not raw. The cure cooks the meat. And I still prefer freshly cooked meat over cured meat.

Anonymous 63321

I'm not talking about curing. Dry ageing is literally rubbing it with some spices and.leaving it until it develops mold, then scraping mold off, and cooking it.

Anonymous 63325

I know what dry ageing is. I don't have any problem with it.

Anonymous 63338


>eat steak
>tastes good
>chew for 10 hours
>the piece of now tasteless meat gum remains
>force myself to swallow it
>time for the next bite
every time

Anonymous 63344

I really don't like red meat by itself. It needs to be heavily seasoned or mixed into things, like meatballs, pasta, curry, etc. I love all of those a lot but a piece of cow meat by itself is not enjoyable to me at all.

Anonymous 63345

>>63344 I couldn't agree more

Anonymous 63349

It does taste good when prepared and seasoned well, but it's overrated by cringefags who ascribe some sort of masculine significance to it BRING ME MY STEAK ALL BLOODY AND RARE IM MAN EAT MEAT LOOK OUT COWS IM A PREDATOR PIGS YOURE BACON LOL TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN ALPHA.
There are far more flavourful dishes out there than just cuts of meat cooked well.

Anonymous 63350

This was the point of this thread more or less.
I do like meat on its own.
But 99% of the time, meat in a recipe tastes better than meat on its own.
Yes, exactly, thank you, this is precisely my point.

Anonymous 63354

Foremost, I never suggested eating raw meat. I told you that you're probably the one with the issue if your meat is a particular way. Additionally, the concept of eating raw meat, cured (not cooked) or completely raw, is literally hundreds of years old.

Anonymous 63392

>I like how they keep one-upping each other?
>Cooking a stead? I eat it raw!
Yeah. The same tards who do this are also all "ewww sushi??!?! u mean people eat fish raw????!??!!"

Anonymous 63393

Well I am consistent. I don't like raw fish either.

Anonymous 63394


>The same tards who do this are also all "ewww sushi??!?! u mean people eat fish raw????!??!!"

I'm the tard who endorsed raw beef in this thread. Raw fish is also better than cooked fish. The difference is even more drastic than with beef, because it takes so little heat and time to destroy the texture of the muscle. But with fish, cured is even better than raw.

Anonymous 63397

You have shit taste, literally. What are you a cat or something?

Anonymous 63402


yesss smoked/cured fish is GOAT, i'll take it over any other meat

Anonymous 64305

I have a strong preference for chicken

Anonymous 64327

Honestly cooking steak is really hard. I almost always fuck it up no matter how many stupid videos I watch (fuck you gordon ramsay) and just wind up frustrated. I do love beef as an ingredient, it is very fun to cut into slivers and fry, braise, etc. but just cooking a steak straight up? That shits hard and I'm too cheap to go to a restaurant so I rarely eat just steak. Like >>63344 said I really only enjoy it when it's in a dish. On the plus side the rare occasions when I do fuck up cooking a steak "mid-rare" leaves me with a head start on steak and eggs or whatever else because i can only stomach a few bites of that shit.

Anonymous 64367

I can only eat steak if I’m at a fancy steakhouse or if it’s cut up in fajitas or something. I grew up eating it super well done and I used to hate how much my jaw would hurt just swallowing one piece so that’s prob why I don’t like it anymore

Anonymous 64396

>Honestly cooking steak is really hard.
Buy and learn to use a steak thermometer. Then it's super easy.

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