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Pets Anonymous 63246

What pets do you have /b/? I have two beautiful cats whom I miss very much after moving to my uni accomodation.

Anonymous 63266


Got two dogs, the young one keeps getting herself hurt but is a sweetheart otherwise. She recently stepped on a wasp.

Anonymous 63267

I have two needy cats which are brothers. One is orange and white and the other is white and greyish brown. They follow us around all the time and the white-brown one always stands between my feet or walks right in front of me so I have to watch out that I don't trip over him. And when we go back inside he cries like a baby.
aw… get well soon

Anonymous 63269

Please give this little lamb my kisses

Anonymous 63300

Awww what a little sweetheart

Anonymous 64175


I take care of more cats than I am willing to admit to. My area had a problem with a feral tom some years ago, but he is no longer here. All the cats are spayed and neutered so we don't have anymore kittens born.

Anonymous 66606

I currently have three awful cats. I hate-love them all.

Anonymous 66683

same. i have 4, and 5 immediate strays that i take care of that i'm trying to tnr, and more further away from my home that i'm trying to tnr. though i will probably take in 2 more of the strays. they're too well socialized to remain outside. i love all my kids to bits.

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