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Anonymous 63793

Cannot post either on /meta/ and on the terf threads. Anyone facing similar problems?

Anonymous 63794

So it would seem, so it would seem.

Anonymous 63796

i thought the site got shut down due to the "raids".
seems a bit pointless to raid a site as slow as this.
You could honestly delete an hours worth of posts and hardly notice a difference.
I guess it makes it easy for mods to find and delete raid posts anyway.

Anonymous 63797

Yeah, probably because the "I'm not a robot" thingy got deactivated for a while, you probably posted there and now that it is back you can no longer post there.

Anonymous 63798


Oh shit, I can't post in the shota thread either.
It was such a comfy thread!

Anonymous 63804

Yeah that's what I'm noticing, any thread of posted in before doesn't have the captcha on it

Anonymous 63811

having the same issue where I can't post threads but I can reply to them
captcha only shows for me when I reply to threads, otherwise trying to post leads me to getting a "you look like a bot" message

Anonymous Admin 63816

Sorry, I'll disable captcha again when I get home in a few hours so I can fix this.

Anonymous 63817


Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 63824

Moved to >>>/meta/3110.

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