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Anonymous 63941

how to make my breasts bigger? Have you tried anything? Has anything really worked?

Anonymous 63943

You have three options OP.
1. get fat
2. get pregnart
3. let some cheap surgeon give you frankentitties

Anonymous 63944

Does the message technique work at all? It says you can increase your bust by half a cup size, which is not a lot, but I'm curious if its just snake oil or if I should give it a go.

Anonymous 63946

I'm bisexual and I like big boobs. I want to make mine bigger so I'm more aroused by my own body. I don't really care what it does for boys.

Anonymous 63949

I don't want to get surgery, and I'm not planning on getting knocked up now.

Would getting an abortion make your boobs smaller? I had an abortion and it was super emotional for me, but I just didn't want to have a kid with that guy, and anyways we weren't really dating, but I think my boobs got smaller after then

is there some sort of massage I can do to my breasts to make them better? I can't find any good information on it online but there's lot of hints and things in chinese

Anonymous 63950

4. take the pill

Anonymous 63951

Already on the pil :3

Anonymous 63952

Your baby took your tits to the other side as payment. Anyway I heard eating some kind of special
raw bread dough helps for tettei growth but only for young women.

Anonymous 63953

You should be doing something similar regularly anyway to check for breast cancer.
So…two birds one stone?
Stay safe, anons.

Anonymous 63960

Been looking for a way for during literally half of my life and aside what >>63943 said the answer is no.

Anonymous 63966

>drink my bodyweight in milk/dairy products since childhood
>gain tig bitties
thank you, white lactose-digesting genetics. (by "big" i mean large for my frame, not tumor-size.) they are squishy.

Anonymous 63967

>2. get pregnart
not entirely true, sometimes, and notice i say sometimes, it can lead to saggy boobs to some women

Anonymous 63968

>tfw same
>turned out flat even when I used to be 200 lbs
Nah anon, 'tis genes.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 63975

Moved to >>>/hb/9394.

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