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sad rac.jpg

Anonymous 64260

>be bored, lonely 22 yr old gfd anon
>look for ideal qt short bf for months
>Sift through 100s of messages from creepy sissy guys and old creeps that are "mentally my age" for a month
>find one that's actually sane, a little funny too.
>trade pics
>oh shit oh fuck they're actually cute too, really cute
>long haired 5'4'' 19 skinny androgynous twink
>both get tested for covid and go on sweet mask dates in the park and I spoil him with nice patio dinners
>Buy him a few big sweaters and treat him like the sweet boy he is, and feel sweet together
>Breaks off the relationship after a few weeks and says he "needs to work on himself"

Life just isn't fair anons. Pic rel.

Anonymous 64262

The fact that raccoons now represent sub boys on this board is hilarious.

Anonymous 64267

>Breaks off the relationship after a few weeks and says he "needs to work on himself"

You were probably the side chick.

Anonymous 64268

>Tell him that you are going to give him a lot of hugs, kisses and cuddles whenever he wants. He will come back when he is starving for love.
>That sounds hot af get him back. Message him about how badly you miss him.
Hmm maybe, I don't know what's up with him. I'll play the long game, let him know I'm willing to have him back and give him some love when he's ready.

>Where did you find him btw? I want one like that I don't care about his age I just want him to be a legal androgynous qt.

I don't know what kinda things you're looking for but I was using r/GFDpersonals and r/femdompersonals. I found him on r/GFDpersonals, but reddit personals are a kind of wild west matchmaking that I would wish on absolutely no one. If you're going to use them though, here's my advice.
>If you post your own personal be very specific about what you want and how important it is. Describe what information they should include in their introduction (such as height, age, pictures, interests etc.) and be strict about it so you don't waste your time. If someone ignores all of it and just tries to start a conversation or something, block them, ignore them, they aren't worth the effort. Only engage with the people who put in the effort, fit what you're looking for, and seem sane and be organized about it so you don't let a unicorn slip through the cracks.
>If you just want to look at other people's personals and wait for a cute one to come by, organize posts by m4f flair and look at the weekly or daily top posts that interest you (location, description, what they're seeking).
>New people come in and out all the time so if you didn't find someone the first time you posted it's fine, just give it a break for awhile and think about what to change in your personal until you're ready to try again.
I hope my mental illness was helpful anon.

Anonymous 64269

don't say that ano…

don't say that anon

Anonymous 64270

dare i say, our first organic meme?

Anonymous 64271

is it just a /b/ thing, I have not been to a /feels/ thread in over a year.

Anonymous 64288

Holy shit obsessed. Not everyone is a moid just because their language isn’t feminine enough for you.
>how dare you accuse men of cheating, incel rhetoric!!!

Anonymous 64289

Claws out. Meow.

Anonymous 64301

Noooo he's got rabies let him go

Anonymous 64302


He's probably gay

Anonymous 64313

Don't offer him to get him back. He was a dick. He had the opportunity and he blew it. Don't chase someone like that.

Anonymous 64321

>sissy guys
what do you mean? crossdressers or general wimps?

Anonymous 64326

what sort of aesthetic? like vulnerable shota sort of vibe?

Anonymous 64331

neither, in a kink context they're weird dudes who fetishize being emasculated in a humiliating way, sometimes that includes being forced to crossdress, sometimes it includes being called a wimp, other times it means being forced to act out a misogynistic archetype of a woman, but it's always weird and a big turn off. Crossdressing and being wimpy in itself isn't weird, but fetishizing femininity as a form of humiliation and weakness is and i would have to be self hating to ever indulge in such a thing.


>cuter than he is handsome
that's a very good way to describe it.

>Pretty boy asians might be able to pull this kind of aesthetic off better but it's still possible to find on anyone else.

Yeah, asians and Northern Europeans can pull it off very well, but it's everywhere. In my case the boy was a very Scandinavian looking strawberry blonde.

Anonymous 64340

That guy doesn't even look like that anymore

Anonymous 64341

>people age
thanks for the info anon, i would've never known.

Anonymous 64346

I dont think so. Sounds to me like he’s either afraid of intimacy or just has a lack of experience which scared him off.

Anonymous 64352

I think it started on feels.
Some thread about the strength of men.
Eventually led to anons fantasizing about a world where men were weak and small enough to be stuffed in a gym bag.

Anonymous 64410

Now that’s my kind of world. Carrying a cute boy with you everywhere you go sounds so adorable!

Anonymous 64415

You'd have to either buy or catch one first since apparently raccoon moids would be regarded as property.
At least you'd be chasing him literally rather than figuratively.

Anonymous 64416

Chasing is a novice's mistake. The healthy ones are too agile and small to straight up out run, because dodge away and hide in tiny places. The key is to lure, surprise, or trap them.

Anonymous 64447

Their size only works to their favor if they can find a place to duck into.
If you find one in a large open area you should be able to tackle him and bag him around ten seconds or less of you seeing him.
Problem is luring him into such a space.
I guess an enclosed area with no exits might work as well.
There's always the option of stalking a moid and figuring out where he's sleeping so you can just wait around (preferably above the entrance) for him to come out.

Anonymous 64450

Thats because everyone into that shit is mentally fucked, stop looking for them online because theyre all fuckin perverts who see you as a fetish dispenser

Anonymous 64459

you assume I'm not equally mentally fucked and perverted anon.

Anonymous 64460

From one mentally fucked chick to another, dealing with yourself is enough. You don't want to become some mommy issue cunts therapist.

Anonymous 64461

Everyone knows better how other people should live their lives don't they?

Anonymous 64463

Sour grapes, anon; sour grapes.

Anonymous 64539


Do you think Raccoon moids would have stronger pelvises than regular moids?
They would be smaller, so I imagine they might make better use of any calcium that comes their way.

Anonymous 64544

I was thinking that if they were smaller due to sexual dimorphism stronger pelvises would have been selected for, for obvious reasons.
Though would raccoon moids even learn martial arts?
Women would be doing all the fighting after all.
I imagine that ballet might be common amoungst owned moids.

Anonymous 64598

Won't be much of a fair fight.
Since, y'know. Size of a large raccoon.
Though the rolling around would be fun.
But throwing him around might damage him a bit, so I think just regular wrestling might be a better fit.

Anonymous 64599

Better would be to just pick him up and run around the room making airplane noises.

Anonymous 64608

>Better would be to just pick him up and run around the room making airplane noises.
for what purpose?
is this some abstract way of asserting dominance?

Anonymous 64609

Because it's fun.

Anonymous 64642


You and I don't deserve some lowlife of a partner either, anon.
Though I get your point as there are some here who happen to come from r/FDS and always get mad at life why did they not get a saintly virgin who will eventually die and get canonized, is 6'0, doesn't watch porn but is good in bed somehow, doesn't need to vent his emotions at you but is completely willing to listen to your venting for 16+ hours, and looks almost like a 2D character (e.g. pic related) but nonetheless he is made of flesh and blood.

Anonymous 64715

>raccoon moids wrists
>having the bone density required to fire a gun without instantly shattering

Anonymous 64721

Dang that's tough

Anonymous 64726

Children can fire guns without breaking their wrists why would raccoon moods be unable?

Anonymous 64727

They need the calcium for their pelvises.

Anonymous 64728

Is that a euphemism?

Anonymous 64730

Yes, but also no

Anonymous 64757

I imagine whatever sort of sexual dimorphism that made them small would have also caused them to have higher concentrations of calcium in their pelvises.
The alternative is that they evolved to be exclusively tops.

Anonymous 64795


>A racoon
>Utterly devoted to one woman
Is this what you girls want?

Anonymous 64802

>ywn live in a world where all you need to get a boyfriend us a gym bag, a decent pair of legs, and the will to make him yours

Anonymous 64807

You already live in a world where getting a boyfriend is even easier than that though.

Anonymous 64810



Anonymous 64815

Do you think the moid who started that thread looks at these posts every day with pride, unable to respond because he’s banned

Anonymous 64816

I don't think he was the one who started the whole raccoon thing, since you can still go back to the older threads and see what posts were deleted as a result of him getting banned.
He was just the first to make a thread about it.
Shame it had to be him, since there was talk of making a dedicated thread before he ruined everything.
So i'm still hesitant about the idea of making a thread.

Anonymous 64829

They gonna bite and infect

Anonymous 64886

Renting a white van seems a bit more expensive than buying a gym bag.
Plus there's also the law.

Anonymous 64911

Don't let them starve

Anonymous 64912

Anonymous 64913

Anonymous 64915

I would imagine that there would be ways to go about preventing this in a world where men are more or less property.

Anonymous 64916

>anon1 claims men/women age poorly
>anon2 responds with a picture of a celebrity of the corresponding gender who has aged gracefully as proof that men/women "age like fine wine"
>anon1 dismisses that picture as cherrypicked, and posts their own picture of a celebrity who has aged poorly, declaring that men/women "age like milk" or "lose all value after X years old"
>repeat ad nauseam
These arguments are so boring.

Anonymous 64920

or you could just put them on blockers
Honestly I imagine that poor aging would have been bred out of the moid population if they were property.
Same goes for balding.

Anonymous 64930

>nobody chooses bald men
It's an X chromosome pattern that male baldness exists, even if all men on earth went extinct, the genes causing baldness would still be a proble, induced by us.

Anonymous 64948

Just make sure you've still got a vagina before you post it.

Anonymous 64957


Hey on a note related to this thread, is it a bad idea to stick a chlorofoam soaked rag between your tits?
just generally speaking.

Anonymous 64965

I could probably think of literally a hundred things off the top of my head to breed away before balding. What a non-issue in the grand scheme of things.

Anonymous 64971

Bald male detected

Anonymous 64972


>could make them more physically attractive outside of their hair so regardless of age they look good
>could make them quicker, stronger, smarter, more dominate, slower, weaker, dumber, more submissive
>could make them bigger or smaller
>could make them kinder or more pragmatic
>could fix genetic issues
>give them bigger penises
>firm butts
>less homicidal
But no, just fix their hair. In this hypothetical world where such a thing is possible, that anon set the bar really, really low.

Anonymous 64973

balding's the easiest to fix of all those, since we know what genes cause it.
Raccoon moids can be made real once we get rid of balding and bless them with inherently firm asses.
Though I thought the whole raccoon moid thing was supposed to be a result of xtreme sexual dimorphism.
Otherwise it would be pretty hard to normalize stuffing them in a gym bag as the first step in courtship.

Anonymous 64975


>balding's the easiest to fix of all those
If everyone is Asian, maybe.

Anonymous 64979

Look up the ABCC11 gene mutation Asians have, they get odorless sweat too (also dry earwax).

Anonymous 65025


>selectively breeding animals for aesthetics/entertainment
You're gonna produce complete abominations. Plus you'd still ultimately be the same species at the end of the day, so whatever disgusting features you breed into men would probably also show up in unfortunate women on occasion.

Anonymous 65029

They would be bred for attractiveness, not for novelty.
The worst you would have to look out for is a very tiny giga-chad.

Anonymous 65056

Though seriously, would there be a chance of it causing a rash?
And what would be the risk of passing out since it would be below your chin?

Anonymous 65083

>raccoon drink
he's still human anon, I don't think he needs special drinks.

Anonymous 65087

If raccoon-moids existed the world would be a better place. Women would no longer be afraid and would have cute bfs.

Anonymous 65146

You won't eliminate the gene for such things without culling women too, are you going to cull women too?

Anonymous 65164

The gene doesn't have to be eliminated fully.
You could always get the gene suppressed permanently by a separate gene.
Though moids would stilĺ be involved in reproduction, and every woman would have to get one X chromosome from her mom's moid.
I imagine that it would likely be bred out if enough time passed while culling moids.
Then again i thought the whole raccoon moid thing came from moids being made the significantly weaker sex by sexual dimorphism, with women likely being made stronger as well.
I'm sure that if women were entirely in control over which men breed that they would weed out undesirable moids pretty early on.
And since women would be the same size if not bigger, we can assume that evolving smaller vaginas is off the table.
Therfore, raccoon moid dicks would be completely out of proportion with their body.
Taking this further, they would likely have more efficient hearts and lungs in order to not pass out from getting an erection.

Anonymous 66384


WONt U beeeee won'T u plEaSee wON't u Beeee my RaCoon QwEEeennn

Anonymous 66385


Anonymous 67735


Anonymous 68467


This is y’all

Anonymous 72302

>says he "needs to work on himself"
Most likely he thinks he is too feminine to get a woman.
>Buy him a few big sweaters and treat him like the sweet boy he is, and feel sweet together
I think you spoiled him too much

Anonymous 72304


Will I find this cutie under my Christmas tree tonight?

Anonymous 72459

How did this even start, anyway? What was the inciting incident?

Anonymous 72474


A tanuki is fine too.

Anonymous 72484

I'll second the other anon since I missed it, how did raccoons begin to rep sub boys here?

Anonymous 73455


Saw this on normiebook and thought of this thread

Anonymous 73458

Pretty sure it started in a thread where the op was talking about how the strength of men scares her. Then another anon posted that the ideal world is one in which men are the size of raccoons so they could easily be stuffed in a gym bag and kidnapped instead of having to try dating. Other anons joined in and it eventually turned into "raccoon bf = small submissive bf"

Anonymous 73461


Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 79648

Moved to >>>/feels/53450.

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