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Anonymous 64345

You think if they banned us from 4chan’s /b/ and /r9k/ it would bring more posters here? Its a bit slow here, some new blood would be appreciated

Anonymous 64348

no, there's no women on /b/ and /r9k/

Anonymous 64351

more MALE posters maybe. the last thing this place needs.

Anonymous 64353

a woman who uses /b/ or /r9k/ hates herself.

Anonymous 64355

it's not even that slow, I used to post on boards that took people a whole week to respond, so we would have conversations over the course of a month.

Anonymous 64356

There was a poll on /r9k/ like three years ago now that showed nearly half of all posters there were "18 or younger". Not a place you want to be posting on. Honestly, I have a hard time imagining why girls would rather post here than say on tumblr which is generally accepted to be a more female space, and if nothing else is already a largely established space.

Anonymous 64357

>which is generally accepted to be a more female space
Than normal, that is.

Anonymous 64366

Stupidest shit I’ve heard all day

Anonymous 64372


Anonymous Moderator 64373

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