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Anonymous 64505

How do I become a bruh girl

Anonymous 64510

I don't understand well that picture, but I think a "bruh" girl is the kind of girl who often does male things, like a tomboy, but without looking like a tomboy; mostly deals with those dominant girls that, of course, are labeled as "bitchy" or "crazy," but for the purposes of the creator of that picture, it is just an assertive, femdom woman.

The hardest part to understand is that "hiii" guy since I think that implies a gay male, yet he is with a woman who is about to engage sex with him.
I think for that part it would have been best those men who use lots of emojis since it always implies femininity and sensibility, and also being called "gay" as well.

Anonymous 64512

it does not necessarily imply a gay male.
start using the word bruh

Anonymous 64627

How do i find a guy to peg?

Anonymous 64631

Rectal cancer has increased by four times since homos were allowed in public, so it's probably not a good thing for people to fuck each other in the ass. Just an FYI.

Anonymous 64635

Gomenasai, I have a tendency to overanalyze memes, especially at night.
>it does not necessarily imply a gay male.
I just think they are since the men that I know who use that are always gay or closeted gay.

Anonymous 64636


The raccoonanons are into something, but that's an amazingly high wit post and I think I would've never thought about it during my entire lifetime.

Anonymous 65979

Rectal cancer only increased because of gay bowel syndrome/GRIDS, not because I like to play with a man's butt or have mine played with. If anything, playing with your man's butt is more likely to reduce his risk of ass cancer that increase it (ruining his ass with stupid monsterous 10/12/16 inch dildos and elbow+ fisting has its own problems, but being sane and not doing that won't hurt him or you long term).

What your talking about only happens because the disgusting faggots slut around and anoymously fuck hundreds to thousands of strangers a year (and sometimes 5 - 10 daily) and have fucking nasty viral cocktails in their semen that eat away at their victims rectum even if they "survive" the diseases through medicines. If it happens in het couples its almost always because the guy was a down-low faggot who cheated, got pozzed and then infected her.

Unironically gas faggots/bi's for being the plague carriers they are.

Try gentle shyish boys who have at least 1 normal friend, you can find them by finding their friends first. Also consider church.

Anonymous 66107

any sauce on that image mate?

Anonymous 66161

Beats me, reverse image search just leads to the ifunny meme and the original twitter post is deleted I think

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