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Anonymous 64696

Whats it like to be at a party (with young people and alcohol)? Should i engage in one while im still young or do i have nothing to gain from it and its just normies mindlessly fucking around?

Anonymous 64701

Smaller ones with friends are fun.
Big ones with people you don't know are boring and drunk men you don't know are scary.

Anonymous 64711


Do you want to be recover from being hikineet and wish to practice normiedom?
If yes, then parties are great. People there don't know each other, just maybe a couple of their immediate groups. IME, for a socially anxious person, big house parties are more confortable than small close friends parties. Because if an interaction went weird, you can just move on and no one will remember you. In smaller parties, it's more likely to be seen as alienated.
Get drunk, not too drunk, maybe snort some coke and don't be a creepy retard. You'll have a good time if you believe it. Fair number of autists report that good experience with a party give great boost of self confidence and affinity for socialization aka ingredient to being normalfag.
If no, don't bother, you'll just make everyone uncomfortable.

Anonymous 64794


Parties are overrated, after a while every champagne pyramid, yacht ride and game of russian roulette just feels the same, feels like there should be more to life than just piles of cocaine and monkey knife fights.

Anonymous 64827

>IME, for a socially anxious person
>the rest of the post

Anonymous 64831

who doesn't love mindlessly fucking around every now and then? That's what it feels like when I'm browsing imageboards like this anyway. I'd say parties can be really fun when you know a few people there, it can be kind of intimidating if there's lots of strangers but the payoff is amazing if you meet and hang out with new people, its so easy to make friends when everyone is drunk.

From experience, the people who are always the most anxious about parties are the people who didnt drink or do drugs but worried they'd be out of place. If this is you situation, I promise no one will care. More booze and drugs for them.

Anonymous 64876

This tbh

Anonymous 64878

Agree. Houseparties in someone elses house that are really big are pretty fun.I didn't even drink at one and still had a pretty great time talking to some of the people. Really it depends on who will be there. It's always funny watching the drunk people otherwise. Do some drugs if you want as well.

Anonymous 64879

It's just normies using it as an opportunity to get free drinks, drugs and food, and maybe a shag, all without having to fuck up their own homes. It's like >>64837 said. I've been to only a couple, you aren't missing much. If you have a small group of friends, have a party with them and only them, and you'll have a much better time. If you don't have any friends, it's 100% not worth it anyway. You don't meet friends at thede things.

Anonymous 65179

It pretty much a bunch of people standing and sitting around getting drunk and trying to fuck each other

If you want to fuck it's nice,of you want to get drunk it's nice
If you want anything else it's a waste of time

Anonymous 65185

> an opportunity to get free drinks, drugs and food
Which is why you should try going at least once. Bonus points if the host has a cute pet you can hang out with.

Anonymous 65188

>be cool and snort coke

Anonymous 65210

>recommending clean people to do coke
Just stop giving advice, for the rest of your life

Anonymous 65229

It’s only fun if you’re sociable and easygoing. Otherwise, you’ll feel like an outcast or simply won’t enjoy it as much.

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