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why do you guys still date men Anonymous 64699

dont talk to that discord eboy my anons, i'll pray for you.

Anonymous 64704

Most people here don't have a choice. It's talk to them or nobody.

Anonymous 64734

Basically what >>64704 said. I put off blocking them for so long because I really wouldn't have anyone else to talk to. I'm glad I finally did it though. He was such a piece of shit.

Anonymous 64744

Sometimes I just want a good dicking.

Anonymous 64748

op here. i worry about you girls (and occasional scrotes) sometimes.

Anonymous 64980


Some anons cannot be bisexual or lesbian, OP.
And no, it is not because of where they live, but simply because they aren't attracted to women whatsoever.

Though, thank you for your wonderful thoughts and I hope you will find a good partner soon if you haven't yet.

Anonymous 65170

I wish I was a lesbian. Heterosexuality is a curse.

Anonymous 65172


I'm fictosexual, 3d is just a waste of time.

Anonymous 65173

Just find a cute boy and talk to him. Take the coonpill.

Anonymous 65216

I tried this and he said no.

Anonymous 65220

>giving him the option to refuse

Anonymous 65298

Try it again.

Anonymous 65326

From dear Orriginal Poster: Need to live by the beach with a big friend group makin s'mores by the campfire with dogs playing in the background smoke some joints drink a white claw

Anonymous 65330

Having an orientation doesn't mean you have to act on it lmao. There are heterosexual female separatists. Not fucking men won't kill you. But most women are masochists so they will never give up on men. I refuse to have male-dating women in my life because they're basically collaborators. A woman has to be broken/fucked in the head to be with men in this society, I won't even mention women who give birth to their children.

Anonymous 65353


I don't. I've accepted two dimensional boys as my only and true attraction.

Anonymous 65354

Things will get better sister don't worry. One day anime boy aesthetics will be real and reach the western world properly.

Anonymous 65360

Date real boys? No way.

Anonymous 65393

I think she means anime robot boys.

Anonymous 65408

It fascinates me too. I don't understand how femanons are willing to date moids despite having seen their true colors on the internet. I think it's because of social indoctrination and wanting to conform due to unresolved low self-esteem.

Anonymous 65409

Because sex with someone you like feels pretty nice.

Anonymous 65410

Anonymous 65413

I like the concept but it's hard to read this article without cringing

Anonymous 65418

are those even a thing, like wtf

Anonymous 65553


Reminds me of the raccoonanons a lot, but also of r/FDS and a bit of /r9k/ terminology.
Interesting to see an answer on how to find a raccoon, though. Yet, like the article says, they're extremely difficult to find by themselves.
Yes, and their fashion descended from the obvious emo scene in the 2000s, and possibly some East Asian fashion influence added in like pic related, seeing how some eboys do wear makeup which is absolutely rare in the West for a boy to wear that.

Anonymous 65556

> which is absolutely rare in the West for a boy to wear that.
Uhhh not for 2000s emo/punk guys which is what eboys are based off. From what I’ve seen most eboys aren’t kboos so that doesn’t make sense.

Anonymous 65613

Honestly this is just for lazy scrotes to exploit women's energy.

Anonymous 65695

>wanting to be fucked
>not wanting to do the fucking

Anonymous 65762

Are male led relationships ways for lazy women to steal men's energy?

Anonymous 65765

No, because in both types of relationships certain tasks are still demanded of women. "Female-led" relationships just demand additional labor from women. It isn't an equal switch.

Anonymous 65771

I knew a girl who befriended a discord eboy who groomed her for sex and then backstabbed her when he had no use for her. We soon found out he's a notorious predator from R9K

Anonymous 65777

it was thundy wasn't it

Anonymous 65779

No it was a different guy

Anonymous 65784

tell me more about thundy. what did he do anon?

Anonymous 65792

I think he groomed and raped a bunch of women and girls he met on R9K.

Anonymous 65794

Isn't there like a ton of those people on r9k/soc? I even met one.

Anonymous 65797

Who was it?

Anonymous 65798

He went by multiple names, some German guy living in Austria

Anonymous 65800

The one that groomed my friend when she was 17 like 3 years ago was this weird guy named chris.

Anonymous 65801

Dont know him but yeah that site it fucked

Anonymous 65802

I think his last name was bishop too

Anonymous 65812

He's still posting like crazy lmao. The WoW player who's a confirmed Pedo, Josh, was also grooming people off of 4chan.
Reads like Oscar. Could be Vyro or Caesar too though.

Anonymous 65815

Or mantras

Anonymous 65817

Geez. Gender Critical's population really DID completely relocate to this site, didn't it

Anonymous 65818

they aren't all like what you see on these boards

Anonymous 65831

>gender critical
GCs are dick worshipping libtards who just don't like trans people. I think you're mixing stuff up.

Anonymous 65865

I dunno. There were a bunch of links to stuff like r/NameTheProblem on that subreddit

Anonymous 65869

Or chrishop

Anonymous 65872

Why was GC banned again?

Anonymous 65890

Reddit mods sucking tranny dick by banning or making private all TERF and female-only spaces subs, leaving behind r/FDS alone despite their implicit TERFness.

Anonymous 69102

Yeah, the link to r/NameTheProblem was what creeped me out about that subreddit more than anything else

Anonymous 69400

:( im sorry anon

Anonymous 69460

There are moids in the internet that are so mentally retarded & indoctrinated into the incel religion that they think that being pieces of shit is "attractive" to others. They legit think being ultra conservative hitting women, not allowing them to get out of the kitchen is "good". Then they wonder why feminism still exists, it's exactly because they exist that it exists… Block those people instantly, they deserve to die alone & hate themselves for all eternity. They were just born fucked up in the head. There is no helping it. If they like being that way so badly they should just join ISIS to preserve the "ideal world" they like then die to some missiles or a better organized army or something.

Anonymous 69474

Tragically, god made me bisexual

Anonymous 69654

How is this tragic? You can decide to stop dating men and following your romantic attraction towards them. As a straightie, that's simply not possible for me.

Anonymous 69659

You're not literally forced to date men, not to mention form relationships with them. Also, there are straight female separatists, they're not just gay or bi

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