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Good places on the internet? Anonymous 64731

Taking a gap year after hs to (hopefully) get my mental health together and i wanna browse more varied places on the internet. I swore off of 4chan and reddit and lolcow and cc are too slow. where else do you go miners?

Anonymous 64733

i have a job, but no one at the maccas I work at is particularly fun to hang around and frankly, i dont really wanna hang out with anyone at the moment.

Anonymous 64735

lainchan has a nice cozy atmosphere

I liked arisu as well, but it unfortunately met an untimely end

Anonymous 64904

hey fellow lainon
im glad to see other miners browsing the same chans i go to

Anonymous 64906

Lainchan was ok before imageboards became politically polarized, unfortunately lainchan's smug, nitpicky mods couldn't handle anything remotely resembling a debate so in an ill-mannered attempt to protect their board culture they chased away anyone who disagreed with them while getting high on their own pseudo-intellectualism. Its no wonder you rather hang out in other imageboards, because lainchan is a cancerous pile of sjw garbage.

Anonymous 64917

As lainchan was made originally with the intent of preserving a culture, I dont see a problem with the mods being nitpicky. Lainchan still offers good content and personally I find the board's atmosphere comfortable- it is the chan that I can browse on while drinking hot chocolate in a cold night. If I feel like wanting to debate, there other chans I can go to to exactly satisfy that.

Anonymous 64927

been looking for new places too

Not sure how people find these communities

Anonymous 64985

you just lurk moar anon. if you spend enough time on the internet, you'd find niche sites

Anonymous 66316

I'm in the same boat. Do you anons know a site who is not filled of toxic anons nitpicking and insulting every single thing with an addiction to infighting, but isn't even filled of twitterfags cyberpolicing everything? Just a middle ground I guess. I had a bad experience on a lc discord server where I realized how toxic the people there can really be so I don't really feel like browsing it anymore lol.

Anonymous 66331

there is asherah's garden but it is slow

Anonymous 68689

Let's all love lain!

Anonymous 68766

I know OP said no 4chan but some of the smaller boards like /wsg/ and /an/ are pretty cozy

Anonymous 68869

the man hate there seems pretty intense

Anonymous 68878

sounds phenomenal

Anonymous 68888

Not that poster but I don't want inverse /r9k/,it's not comfy.

also dreamch is good

Anonymous 68899

Not her, but I think it's unhealthy to participate in such things.

Anonymous 68906

I am not healthy.

Anonymous 68910

Don't moderate and the place becomes a Neo-Nazi circle jerk.
Moderate and the place becomes an SJW struggle session.
This is the Hell we call the Internet.

Anonymous 70198


I feel exactly the same way. I just found this place. If anyone knows of more let us know please

Anonymous 70210

the knockout forum seems alright, its not as big as facepunch (rip) used to be tho :/

Anonymous 70259

>Taking a gap year after hs to (hopefully) get my mental health together and i wanna browse more varied places on the internet

browsing internet and mental health don't go well together. if you help your mental health just lay down twitter,facebook and all that garbage. its emotional stimulation,ads and data smog.detox yourself from chans and the normie media as much as possible.you remind me of my mom trying yo quit smoking by lowering its to 1 or 2 cigs a day instead of a whole bag.
it didn't worked so well and your attemps to get your mental health together by browsing internet wont work either.

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