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Anonymous 64939

Discord dating?

Anonymous 64940

Is this advice or request?

Anonymous 64941

Is it as bad as I think it is?

Anonymous 64949

Yes. Talk to people irl.

Anonymous 64956

there's servers for that???

Anonymous 64958


>22/f/cali you?

Anonymous 64963

Dont turn this site into /soc

Anonymous 64976

I think you misunderstood the post

Anonymous 66652

no. online relationships aren't real unless you've met and spent a lot of time with them in person. people just don't act the same way online as they do in person.

besides, there's no real intimacy in online relationships. sure you can watch a movie together on discord, but it doesn't come close to being there together.

Anonymous 66658

>online relationships aren't real
I disagree. It’s completely possible to form a bond with someone through the internet. You’re still speaking with a real person, they’re just on the other side of the screen.

Anonymous 66659

Over the years, Discord became a huge pile of shit filled with predators, wannabe fuckboys, people who try to distract their mental illness by dating and trannies. Not worth it, seriously. Most of the time it's the biggest mistake.

Anonymous 66661

Too much trannies in it, too much misogynists too including the trannies they are misogynistic af. Most moids from a chan, reddit or discord since they kinda share communities arent worth it.

Anonymous 66676

i think this is interesting. some of my best friendships were developed through the internet and the transition was seamless. i don't see how the vibe is meaningfully different on webcam and voice as if you're in person, vs real life. i can see how relationships could quite possibly be different, but i think with enough time spent together in a way that mimics real life, it wouldn't be that different. this is going based off my experiences with friends though.

Anonymous 66687

I’ve had the exact same experience. Online friendships and relationships (the relationships hopefully becoming irl one day) are just as valuable as ones forged in person.

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