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red flags.jpg

Red flags Anonymous 65005

I leave with the worst.
>he sees too much anime
>he's probably very childish and has pedophile or homosexual tendencies

Anonymous 65006

Neither of those are red flags for me

>is a leftist

Is probably my biggest red flag

Anonymous 65012


Most of them relate to the current political waves that the liberal feminists advocate to:
>supports polyamory
>is pro-pornography, specifically the 3D kind
>he is too sexual, like a coomer but able to have a conversation with someone
>already implied in the polyamory criteria, but is anti-marriage
>a little too involved in race politics, despite that, most likely, belonging to a race that isn't black or hispanic
>sees too many TV shows
>never opens up emotionally; though this may relate to some kind of abuse, so I need to look further into that
And last but the biggest one is
>supports the doctrine of trannism and/or has trannist tendencies
I don't mind the homosexual tendencies since he could always be bisexual, and if he is 100% homo, I'm sure he will dump me first rather than me doing it first and I will understand if he ever says that it is because of his homosexuality.

Anonymous 65015


i'm a dyke ftr

>she has bad hygiene and haircare (especially on dates)

>she's racist
>she's bpd
>she gets into "discourse" online
>she's got lolicon tendencies
that's pretty much it. i'm not picky about red flags moreso than how much i enjoy being around them

Anonymous 65019

>He hates animals, especially cats because of their "uselessness". He is probably a psychopath.
>Doesn't know how to drive. He's probably gay, and if not, he's a very insecure man.

Anonymous 65024

>Has a lot of female friends
>Follows insta/twitter thots, e-girls etc
>Watches porn
>Browses 4chan (especially r9k)

Anonymous 65026

>Heavily into extreme political beliefs like alt right, communist, anarchist, etc. I think males who are into these things are dysfunctional.
>The common “redpill” tactics like “negging” and “dread game”. Also unironically using words like “chad” and “beta male” which shows he’s been influenced by the manosphere
>Along with watching too much anime, also gaming too much, especially with certain online games with terrible communities

Anonymous 65034

>he has depression or a mental illness

I'm not sorry about it. I have my own shit to fix I don't need more on my plate.

Anonymous 65035

>thinks they are not problematic when problematic
>preaches how purity is important but does shady shit
>lies about dumb shit
>doesn’t listen and empathize
>fetishizes a race
>overly defensive
>”omg he/she didn’t responded to me in 10 minutes wtf”

Anonymous 65044

>Watches porn

literally all men. Even if they say they dont

Anonymous 65048

>has a lot of female friends
You sound insecure but I can’t disagree

Anonymous 65053

Some people might disagree but phrases like:
>”emotional labor”
>”Don’t use your partner as a therapist!1!!”

Anonymous 65058


Anonymous 65092

That's porn.

Anonymous 65108

You're the whole circus, anon.

Anonymous 65114


I get what you mean but hentai being "more ethical" isn't exactly how I'd describe it.

Anonymous 65125


Anonymous 65143

I think getting off to hentai is also very bad, maybe somewhat worse than getting off to real women. Most of the guys that are into anime girls have very toxic standards for women. They want real women to resemble anime girls as much as possible, and you can only imagine how unrealistic and outright impossible that is. Chances are the guy isn't very turned on by you and might even think about anime whores while fucking you.

Anonymous 65144

Yeah, they expect you to have tentacles and squirt buckets of milk.

Anonymous 65145

Don't confuse ethics for morals. While you may have a moral abhorrence of all things pornographic, hentai is inherently more ethical as no live persons are being exploited in it's production.

Anonymous 65147


Actually, I like hentai a lot.
I don't even masturbate, it just bring me this weird mental satisfaction.
The only ones being exploited are the animators, lmao.

Anonymous 65152

>it just brings me this weird mental satisfaction
Same, anon. Glad I'm not alone in this weirdness.
Something about 2D porn just pleases me aesthetically in a particular way. Idk what it is. Even when I draw my own I've never masturbated to it.

Anonymous 65176

It's funny I have a similar thing
Real porn doesn't really so anything for me
But most hentai does
I think it might be an uncanny valley thing for me, where hentai is obviously fake?

Anonymous 65250

treats his mom like shit.
this is the biggest and worst one to me. dudes who have done the other typical red flags were not even close to the same level as the dudes who hated their moms and treated them like shit. in fact i'd even say the other dudes who displayed other red flags didn't even do anything that really hurt me..dudes who hate their mothers are another breed of psychotic, AVOID AT ALL COSTS

Anonymous 65262

This is such a hypocritical thing to say considering you probably get turned on by other men (actors, singers, porn stars etc) even while you’re in a relationship. Restricting porn usage (unless he’s addicted) is retarted.

Anonymous 65263

t. moid
There's a difference between finding others attractive and using porn, only low iq moids don't know this.

Anonymous 65270

She could be a woman who reads/watches hentai too, you know.
If she knows the word…

Anonymous 65361

In sorry to tell you this but every single male watches porn. even Amish guys have pictures they use

Anonymous 65365

Honestly pictures aren't as big deal as videos in terms of frying brain circuits

Anonymous 65537

That you have to approach them first.

A guy that wants you will have you. Even the shyest incel finds courage to speak to the woman they really like. If you have to do all the work and chase him, he is not that into you and you'll probably have unfulfilling relationship with him.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 79700

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