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sad girl need confidence boost sad girl 65007

hey. just an average looking girl feeling depressed after browsing through instagram for the past hour. I want to look at some pictures of ugly e-girls (like actually ugly, not just average ugly), as a confidence boost. could i request some pictures of the ugliest e girls you guys can find?
(something ugly along these lines will do)

Anonymous 65008


this is pretty cruel and i don't support you anon

Anonymous 65010

NTA but why is it cruel? Looking at pictures of ugly and successful people makes me feel good. It makes me think, I could also make it. Whether it's being an e-girl (lol), being in a loving relationship or having academic success.

Anonymous 65014


Go take a look at the "TERF" (i.e. rational people) thread and it will certainly make you feel good about yourself by simply existing and being a biological female!
No need to hate on other biological women when there are other """women""" that we can all hate together.

Anonymous 65017

>other girls are shart

Anonymous 65027


Listen here little baby. You're gonna get a lot of hurtful and degrading comments, but that ain't what I'm about. Let me just say, you are perfect the way you are. You hear me sugar? PERFECT. Don't ever change. You deserve anything and everything you want. Stay safe for me, baby girl. >mfw thinking of you hurting

Anonymous 65032

shut up queer.gif

anon stop browsing instagram it's not at all healthy

Anonymous 65033

>Not average ugly, actually ugly
What the fuck does that mean? So not a 4-2? Girls with actual deformities. That's just rude anon. You shouldn't put others down to build yourself up.But I'm not any better. Browse fph on /fit/

Anonymous 65038

Question. Can a girl with a pretty face be considered ugly if she's missing fingers or a toe or something? Like.. can disabled people even be pretty? I often ask myself that. What would you call them. I mean, it's clearly not very attractive, you know. But faces are very important, right? I mean most of the time when someone says a girl is pretty, the person means the girl has a cute face. It's confusing.

Anonymous 65039

Don't think you can be considered pretty of you're fat

Anonymous 65040

I think you can be pretty and disabled. But it also matter on the disability??? I've seen pretty girls with missing limbs and once in a wheel chair. But if it was a mangled birth deformity, I would notice it too much. I don't think its just the face its the whole thing. The body, the hair, the posture, the make up, apparel and so on.
Attractiveness is subjective. There's people who think tattoos, overweight, scars, dyed hair and pricings automatically make someone undesirable. Then there's people with the opposite reaction. Cant make everyone happy.

grateful sad girl 65046


Hi. Op here again. I've looked over all the answers, and it has really persuaded me to do some deep self-reflection. I have to say, a lot of these answers were positive and gave me something to think about. So I am going to push myself to seek proper therapy and get to the true root of the problem as opposed to focusing on the surface level of it. Thank you all for taking the time to answer this, it's helped motivate me to do better for myself. Thanks.

Anonymous 65049

Liking Pokémon isn’t unique at all, cmon now.

Anonymous 65746



Anonymous 75380


Anonymous 75391

shut up tranny

Anonymous 75453

Read the comment you called petty and retarded. She is 100% right and based especially the first line. If you disagree I got my eye on you.

Anonymous 75456

stop going on instagram and doing that to yourself. literally 90% of photos people post on there are either edited or filtered in some way.

Anonymous 75478

The author's probably older because back in the day it was. Around 2008ish my friends and I would endure kids yelling at us and calling us names on the bus to make golden poffins.

Anonymous 75490

honestly just going outside and seeing how ugly most people are should cure you of this. rather than mocking ugly women online

Anonymous 75509

Assimilation is not a happy ending. This is collectivist bullshit.

Anonymous 84024

go to r/transtimelines or something idk where the trannys at

Anonymous 84052

youre pretty dumb if you think those pictures are true to how they look in real life. just delete ig

Anonymous 84056

Please tell me this isn't true
Tell me I didn't hide from and avoid the other girls in high school for no reason

Anonymous 84057


>be hopeful social retard trying to make friends in school
>call up every girl in class from school directory to invite her to a sleepover
>everyone says no

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