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boba thread Anonymous 65182

what is the best flavor and why is it taro?

Anonymous 65193

most overrated drink ever, who would even enjoy that amount of sugar in one meal

Anonymous 65213


Boba? You're being the times. Whipped coffee seems to be the new craze.

Anonymous 65215

It's taro because it's the prettiest color and has a delicious more-vanilla-than-vanilla taste.

Needs coffee jelly cubes at the bottom.

Anonymous 65219

Based tarochad

Anonymous 65266


Taro is definitely top tier. I like the original milk tea flavour and watermelon/mango slush as well. When I get bubble tea I usually just get a simple green or black tea with green apple or lychee flavour. I started preferring to get the coconut jelly instead of tapioca pearls in my drink now.

I don’t find it overrated but it’s way too expensive at most stores near me. There’s no way I’m paying $7-8 for a drink. There’s a few stalls I know where it’s $3 that I go to if I’m in the area.

Anonymous 65267

I prefer fruity tea over milk tea
Lychee green/black tea with pearls is my go to

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