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Anonymous 65230

I need to get this out of my chest:

I love this site so much. About 10 years ago my former main imageboard was shut down. That place was my internet home I'd browse it fors hours end discussing with other anons, reading threads, laugh at the funny stuff people have written and just feel at peace.

Ever since that site got shut down I felt lost. All imageboards just either became toxic as hell or were completely infested by normies to the point I didn't feel welcomed anymore.

This site takes me back to the good old days of imageboards. When they were still more underground and a place for outcasts to discuss all kinds of things. It's comfy, a bit slow, place where I get to read thoughts of interesting, smart and funny fellow anons. And this time they are my sisters too! I am so happy to be home again.

Thank you so much for creating this site, admin. You have all of my appreciation. Keep up the good work.

I love you all.

Anonymous 65236

What was tour favoritos, board, OP?

Anonymous 104343

what board was this ?

Anonymous 104344


don't make me cry

Anonymous 104345

did not work as intended

Anonymous 104348

Anonymous 104356


Wholesome post, i love u too OP

Anonymous 104359

11 month old belated I <3 U, OP!

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