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Anonymous 65404

Why are men so obsessed with tomboys recently?

Anonymous 65420

Men are interested because there's been a decline in the number of tomboys. There's less tomboys because being interested in masculine hobbies now means that you are a man and therefore must get your breasts removed and take testosterone. Thus leaving the guys who want tomboys with nothing, but their hands and imagination.

Anonymous 65427

Hasn't it been a thing forever? I feel like I've seen tomboy memes for years. I'm pretty out of touch, so maybe it got more popular and I just don't know though

Anonymous 65436

So TERFs are serving the moid agenda?

Anonymous 65438

lurk moar newfag

Anonymous 65479

LOL as if a tomboy that looks like that balding fag would like them back. They would either be lesbians or with some racoon 100%.
Moid's have no fucking idea what we like it's pathetic, they deserve to starve emotionally.

Anonymous 65487

If they want masculine women, they better become effeminate men.

Anonymous 65490

I always turn super gay when I see a tomboy. Especially the sporty ones with the caesar hair cuts at the gym. I used to have the hugest crush on a girl from the track team. So I guess I can understand men on the meme.

Anonymous 65494


My thoughts exactly. Also is their tomboy meme caricature based on Makoto from Street Fighter?
lol wtf.

Anonymous 65496

It's because tomboys are a Japanese anime/martial arts meme. They exist but moids as usual are dumb af thinking they would be interested in the exact same things, chances are that moid won't be able to understand the tomboy girl and would be rejected. Like most deserve to.
They also have no idea how actual tomboys look lol lol lol it's their sexualized ideal version of course as usual.

vid related is how tomboys look like.

Anonymous 65506

Haven't noticed this trend. Where tf do you meet moids that are interested in tomboys?

Anonymous 65507

I still think they're hot

Anonymous 65520

They just mean instathots minus the makeup clothes and fillers. Natural pretty fit girl isn't a new special thing.

Anonymous 65521

Tsukasa Yoshida.jp…

Anonymous 65523

Anonymous 65524


This site in general doesn't seem to like fit girls.

Anonymous 65525

>men complain GNC women are being brainwashed into lesbianism
>TERF lesbians complain GNC women/butches are being brainwashed into transitioning
If I knew everyone was so thirsty for GNC women I wouldn't have converted to being so feminine.
Only the resident ana-chans hate fit women.

Anonymous 65526


No she is fine looking but thats now how real tomboys typically look like. That is a cardio queen, I'm sure she doesn't even know how to actually fight. Tomboys really don't look like that, at least most.

Anonymous 65528


Like all "types" that men go for, it's very narrowly defined. Tomboys still need to be cute, petite and feminine. They just have short hair, less make up, sporty clothes. No man is into the average real female athlete (like >>65521 and >>65526). No man is into a woman who genuinely doesn't care about her looks or who has mannish personality.

Pic related is what guys who like tomboys want.

Anonymous 65529

Since when is the only requirement for a tomboy is to know how to fight?

Anonymous 65530


Why are you set on tomboys only being fighters/into martial arts?
It's just a term for women with gnc interests and gnc looks at varying levels. Anon's soft-butch-track-star-dream-girl is as tomboyish as your fighters.

That said, if we're going for MAXIMUM MASC then stone butches are the only true tomboys. Rejecting all feminine beauty standards AND men is peak performance.

(And I also agree with >>65528 that men will tend to be into gnc women who still lean feminine)

Anonymous 65532

This picture radiates based energy

Anonymous 65555


From lurking around in 4/fit/ for a long time, it is rooted in that board and bodybuilding forum's memes as they believe that getting a tomboy girlfriend is the best, highest achievement an (athletic) man could get as they share interests, hobbies, and mindsets together; without any of that "gay shit that women usually like" such as makeup, gossip, and other feminine hobbies. [sic.]
Though unrelated, it sort of reminds me the mindset of some femininsts into becoming an alpha female in all aspects of life and only setting the bar low enough to only date alpha males, or so.

Pic related is a summary of why men are beginning to like tomboys. But it also doesn't include the typical reasoning for their lust to having sex with a trap.
Based. But it is literally impossible given the origins of this likening for tomboys in men.

Anonymous 65558


>But it also doesn't include the typical reasoning for their lust to having sex with a trap.
Wait, wait! I found it!
Here it is.

Anonymous 65562


I like retarded posts like those too.

Anonymous 65564

But… there are tomboys who aren't fit though? Just like not all men are fit - most of them, actually - but does that make them gay or femininine? So what about gnc girls who aren't into sports, or just like to watch sports but aren't /fit/? Are they not tomboys? I wonder in what box would those retards put me if I have long hair, I wear mostly unisex clothes, I have no interest in typically femininine stuff, I'm a huge soccer fan but I'm a skinnyfat who gets tired after a few squats

Anonymous 65565

4moids is retarded, dont take their meme too seriously even through they do take their own memes too seriously and they eventually become the reality of their existence, just like with the stupid chad shit. This is modern "god creation" "object of worship or fear creation", they make their gods and their adversaries / demons psychologically by propagandizing themselves with dumb memes.

Anonymous 65566

There is no straight answer. Everyone has a different answer. No one agrees on one thing.

Anonymous 65568

>I'm a skinnyfat who gets tired after a few squats
Most moids on 4chan are the same lol

Anonymous 65696

I am a convicted s…

You are not a tomboy in 4chan/fit/ standards.

Anonymous 65697

all the tomboys became TIFs. theyre now the rare population. men want a man inside of a woman. thats all. they wouldnt actually want a tomboy gf, they just want a boyfriend.

Anonymous 65703

>men want a man inside of a woman
>listening to what men say they want

Men want women to be patient, gentle nurturers. These posturing bastards claim they want a 'chill bro' they can fuck, but as soon as they get into a situation where the tomboy is better than they are at dude shit, they lose their cool and don't have a reservoir of feminine support to cool their heads in. Then the tomboy gets dumped, and now she's 'used goods' and doubly something men don't want.

Anonymous 65728

because they're gaaaaaayyyyyyy

Anonymous 65733


Anonymous 65736

>dies of heart attack
Truly peak performance

Anonymous 65745

When I was a kid my parents used “tomboy” to mean lesbian. Now it apparently means trans. What a world.

Anonymous 65819

I've heard many of them claim that masculine women don't want effeminate men. They want masculine men who share their interests.
No clue about the veracity of that, though

Anonymous 65820

you'll never under…

The famous "traps are 200% gay" post is really less about what makes tomboys appealing and more about what makes traps unappealing.

The central idea here is that tomboys are somehow "realer" than non-tomboys. That they didn't choose their interests based on what other girls around them were doing, they chose niche interests of their own accord. In a way, this is a positive development. It expresses a genuine desire for strong, independent women.

Of course, the central misconception here is that "the tomboy" isn't just a look that can be easily appropriated with a short haircut. These tomboy-lovers seem to think that there isn't any girl out there who would put on the "tomboy" act just to attract mates. And they may be partially right for now: trying the look out is a bit of a gamble in our current dating environment. But if the tomboy-train picks up any steam, then you better believe girls will be trying it out just to win. And a lot of this tomboy-worship might dry up when that happens. I imagine a lot of these idiots are going to feel "betrayed."

But for now, that's the point. Tomboy-lovers tend to see interest in excessively girly stuff as "fake", and if the person doing it isn't even a girl, that's "double-fake." Hence, 200% gay.

W/r/t improving gender roles, it's two steps forward, one step back.

Anonymous 65821

Tomboy truth.png

Another image from the tomboy-worshiping threads

Anonymous 65822

this is just a fantasy waiting to pop. i really think they took an element of the tomboy and idealized it for their fantasy girl. A mix of what they like (masculine interests) but a bit of the feminine, submissive side they like. You know, the one they like for sex appeal and the side that their tomboy will accept their personality and flaws no matter what.

Anonymous 65823

You're exactly right, although not all of them want the submissive aspect. Self-actualization is an ongoing theme here. They think tomboys are "realer" and they want a bit of that independence in their woman (or at least, they think they do).

Their hearts are in the right place, though. Out of all the unhealthy tastes in women out there, this one is probably the least unhealthy

Anonymous 65824

The problem here is that people are trying to express healthy desires for strong, independent woman on the unhealthy, misogynistic shithole that is 4chan. And in order to express these desires without getting laughed out of the board, these desires have to be twisted in a weird, anime-girl-ish way

Anonymous 65825


Here's a better-quality version of this image

Anonymous 65828


Anonymous 65829

No. Most women are conformists who perform femininity because they know society will reward them for it.

Anonymous 65832

So are most men w/r/t masculinity

Anonymous 65836

No, men are infinitely worse than that.
The overwhelming majority of men don't perform masculinity because they expect reward for it, they perform masculinity because they fear punishment if they do not.
Only a very small minority at the apex of male society actually expect their peformance of masculinity to involve any kind of reward.

Anonymous 65864

I mean, it could be argued that women are also trying to avoid punishment. Only their punishment would be social ostracization and general mean-spiritedness, as opposed to physical punishment.
And you're wrong about a very small minority of men expecting to be rewarded. Sometimes, being respected for your masculinity is reward enough for these people.
But even if what you were saying WERE true, would that really make men "worse" than women? That they were doing this to avoid physical assault? If anything, it would make them more sympathetic. Not that I think it's true

Anonymous 65877

Freud rooted all morality in the process of developing and then maturing the male castration complex, and went to the point of questioning whether or not it is possible for women to have moral principles rather than social sensibilities. Whenever you see a man question whether or not women's morality is actually what they as males understand morality to be–and if you are over 16, you will have seen plenty of men raise that question–they are echoing this idea that morality relates to the individual's relationship to their own masculinity, rather than their relationship to other people.

Not only is the fear of punishment at inadequate masculinity the most common thread among all men's relationships to masculinity, but by their own statements it is even internalized by them as the basic foundation upon which all other relationships are built, including their relationships to God and law and moral conduct.

And yes, it makes them worse. Even their 'self-improvement' and fitness circles, for examples, are filthy mires of posturing, belittlement and passive-aggression with almost all of the 'motivation' to participate stemming from fear rather than the satisfaction in personal beauty that women get. How can it be otherwise? An aggressive, muscular coward is still a coward.

Anonymous 65880


>questioning whether or not it is possible for women to have moral principles rather than social sensibilities
This is interesting, considering that from the perspective of cultural evolution and game theory, the reason people have moral principles at all is mostly ensuring that we're able to cooperate despite having conflicting desires, instead of getting stuck in pointless negative-sum games like a lot of male posturing. "Social sensibilities", or norms that maintain trust and prosocial predictability in human interactions, have developed exactly as a way to solve many complex moral dilemmas that otherwise would lead to everyone being worse off on average.

In other words, everyone already naturally has the selfish instincts to navel-gaze and generally go after what they want (by definition lol). There would be no need for the concept of morality if it didn't exist to improve societal and social cooperation. Nietzsche had the same scrotey misconception.

Anonymous 65882

ALL men have the same misconception.
Kolhberg's Stages of Moral Development, etc.
It's inherent.

Anonymous 65892

Masculinity is strenght. Femininity is weakness. I don't care if men are pressured to be masculine because in the end, being strong benefits YOU, while being small, weak and slow (certain shoes and clothes restrain women's movements) does not.

Anonymous 65900

men don't have any true morality because they have no true capacity to empathize with other humans. their understanding of others is extremely shallow - they literally see everyone else as NPCs, especially women or anyone different.

they rely on honor/shame (social pressure) to guide them. it's why they need all the fucking codes, why masculinity is so restricting, because anything else would be a catastrophe. hell, even laws would be borderline unnecessary in female-only world. this is why feminism destroying chivalry was a mistake and if there is ever a war, we will see the grisly consequences of males who have not been raised into any kind of honor culture going on raping and torturing sprees without any restraint. men will NEVER have soft empathetic personalities like women.

Anonymous 65906

I wouldn't put women who just like pretty boys in the same box with the minority of women who lust after killers and rapists. Are you a scrote or something

Anonymous 65907

Also, pretty men are usually nicer than below average men because they weren't super insecure and had to "reason" to be jealous of other men

Anonymous 65916

Please have sex

Anonymous 65919


Anonymous 65921

Freud was kind of full of shit, though. Penis envy and all that
Most of his ideas have since been disproven

Anonymous 65922

> Whenever you see a man question whether or not women's morality is actually what they as males understand morality to be
I have never seen this. Not from someone who wasn't a redpill misogynist, anyway

> Even their 'self-improvement' and fitness circles, for examples, are filthy mires of posturing, belittlement and passive-aggression

You're confusing /fit/ with the rest of the world. Most non-autistic guys who go to gyms aren't like this

Also lmao Freud.

Anonymous 65937

This. I have also thought that the distancing of men from religion is very serious because, as you say, they lack a true morality like that of women and must be taught.

Anonymous 65945

Misandry and misogyny are not comparable. Cope.

Anonymous 65966

It makes sense. For men, their social status is very important, so a social breakdown would affect them greatly. And I also believe that a world of women would not need laws since women know that the only evil lies in harming others.

Anonymous 65991

Theyre pretty comparable when both of them consist of ridiculous double standards and seeing the opposite gender as incapable of morality and love and whatnot. Go on r9k or pol and find a woman hate thread. Its exactly the same kind of shit I see here on a daily basis. Some posts read exactly the same if you switch the words "man" and "woman". Or "moids" and "femoids". This site adopted even their language lol

Dont lie to yourself dear, youre just as hateful and mentally ill as the r9k incels, you should probably diatance yourself from this kind of communities because theyre not doing you any favors.

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