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Anonymous 65957

Former hikki here. How do I get involved in IRL art/fashion/music scenes in my area? I don't know anybody, and I don't really have a social media presence, but I want to make friends who like the same things I do.
I found a few groups and individuals doing stuff through the internet, and some even have NGOs specifically for learning how to do stuff and networking, but they're not doing any new events at the moment because of COVID. What do?
I guess this thread could serve as a general for other female hikkis/former hikkis looking to do more things IRL, make friends, etc. I can't be the only one in this kind of situation.

Anonymous 65997

Wish I knew. As a NEET past university age, it's impossible to meet people. Everyone my age has their life together.

Anonymous 65999


Anonymous 66007

I feel you, OP. As an adult without much of a social circle it's kinda impossible to get to know anyone right now.

I can only find stupid computer startup stuff there.

Anonymous 66012

This is kinda obvious but find an event and go to it. Talk to the people there. Ask what other events they go to. Follow them on social media (just stick up random pics of things you're interested from time to time if you don't want a presence).

People at these types of things often come across as mostly being a bit desperate for friends more than anything else and probably only have a casual interest in the scene. Nothing wrong with that, but people who are truly into the art or music scene won't be going to these.

Anonymous 66056

After covid is over and things open up again, look into galleries, coffee shops, bars, etc in your town. Check out their social media to see what kinds of events they have and who frequents them. You can also look into where any bands that you like are having shows near you. Once you find an event that looks interesting, go and make small talk like >>66012 says. I like to make a list of conversation starters before I go to disguise my autism if I want to talk to people.

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