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immaculate concept…

30 year old virgin thread Anonymous 66092

Hi I'm a 30 year old virgin and I've never had a boyfriend or held hands or anything like that. I've been one like 2 dates because I forced myself to go on a date so I wouldn't be 30 and have never gone on a date. Covid ruined my plans of securing a man for the sake of securing a man, so here I am I actually turned 30 as pure as the driven snow.

Anyone else? Whats your story? Why are you a virgin? How do you tell people? Does it bother you? Do you plan on doing something about it? Lets gather and cry together sisters.

Anonymous 66094

>no eggs

Anonymous 66095

I'm too old to understand the internet lingo please elaborate

Anonymous 66096

Same age and same situation. Except I've never even been on a date. I'm just very ugly so never got any attention from guys and I'm also borderline schizoid shut-in with terrible personality.

I don't have any intention of getting a bf. I don't care that much at this point and never really desired serious relationship. My looks are only going downhill with age and I was never the type of "fake-ugly" that could fix things with make-up and diets. If I could afford it, I would probably hire a male escort. More for physical contact and being able to just touch another human being than just sex. Being touch deprived is probably the hardest part about it for me, I would kill for a hug.

I'm lucky because my family never asks me questions about it.

Anonymous 66097


I've never thought about desiring touch much but it would be cute to cuddle, I think? Anyways anon, in my country you can hire professional huggers to come and hold you. I don't think it's as expensive as an escort. There are even hugging clubs where you go and you cuddle a bunch of people. Maybe look into it if you want.

Anonymous 66099


In my 30s, and only been on 4 dates ever. The last one was 9 years ago with a guy I met on okc, but he ghosted me. I've given up on trying to find a bf. I do have a thing for one guy, but I haven't seen him in a while, so I can't try to give him my number even if I got over my anxiety.

I think my family secretly thinks I'm a lesbian or something. No friends, but my coworkers have never asked. For the most part, I don't care, though it would be nice to have someone. Right now, I got them 2d husbandos to fill the void.

Anonymous 66567

I'm the same age and without any experience so no dates whatsoever. I'm not really bothered by being a virgin as I've resigned myself to dying alone. What I am struggling with is anxiety and being a semi NEET. I haven't left my room in 10 years and my parents are becoming more impatient about me finding a job and starting a family kek. Now the "serious" talks about my future plans are a daily thing with added threats of kicking me out when it's the worst possible time to be job hunting. So, I've tried to go out but every single time my anxiety kicks in and I start throwing up. I can't imagine what it would be like to actually talk to someone other than my family. I'm currently preparing my CV which I've managed to fill in with bullshittery and I fret sending it to potential employers who'll likely laugh at my bio. And even if I get invited to the interview by some miracle, I'm not sure how the fuck will I do it. I'm the only one to blame for putting myself in this position and I plan on killing myself if I don't get a job soon. The idea of being able to commit suicide and leave on my terms is oddly comforting.

> Being touch deprived is probably the hardest part about it for me, I would kill for a hug.
Same. I try to fill in that void by binging on ASMR vids. I do get those so called tingles but I'd much rather get hugged by anyone.

Anonymous 66587

where should I even go look for a guy in a position like this?

t. 30y virgin

Anonymous 66594

I'm not a virgin but I haven't been physically intimate with anyone in almost a decade. I really don't care and don't desire affection or sex. I can guarantee any and all of you that it's underwhelming and pointlessly stressful to be vulnerable to the point of sex with people who won't appreciate you. Too difficult finding someone that will, and you're far better off masturbating.

I will guarantee that all of you can find plenty of potential partners, but even the prettiest, smartest, most clever woman will go unappreciated, and most frighteningly, end up mistreated, by the man that manages to capture her, no matter how much vetting is done. They're just trained to find us disposable and disrespect us after a while. Being intimate with men is just generally underwhelming and I don't especially desire or miss being disrespected.

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