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Dinner thread Anonymous 66224

Post what you ate for dinner tonight or what you're planning to make tonight.

I ate summer rolls with peanut sauce.

Anonymous 66225


some rice with beans

Anonymous 66234


i had a sandwich with some vegetarian chili :)

Anonymous 66241

I've been wanting to make summer rolls. Did you make or buy them?

Anonymous 66243

Air fries babbeeeeyyyy

Anonymous 66253


I followed it up with dessert :D a good way to end the day!!! I hope everyone else has had a good meal today and plenty of water.

Anonymous 66254

That looks really good.

Last night I had beans and bread for dinner lol. /poorfag

Anonymous 66255

I really wish I could make you one anon, food is always better with friends.
I hope your beans and bread was at least yummy!

Anonymous 66256

Hope you ate well. Eating crackers rn

Anonymous 66257

wow, that looks delicious anon. gosh you’re making me hungry ;___;

Anonymous 66376


Good evening! Tonight I made soup with kimchi, other veggies, and ricecakes.

Anonymous 66378

Looks great anon.

I made them. I bought the rice paper and peanut sauce at the asian grocery. I usually fill it with tofu (marinated) and whatever vegetables are in my fridge.

I didn't really have an appetite today so I just had popcorn for "dinner".

Anonymous 66424

I've been eating a vegetable soup that's pretty okay.

Anonymous 66437


been craving beef for a week, must be anemic

Anonymous 66535

I made them today, it was a lot easier than I expected. I filled them with glass noodles, ground pork and veggies. Delicious.

Anonymous 66550


I don't know how to cook it yet because I am a big dummy, but my mom made some birria like this (with much more broth and spice) a few hours ago, and I also drank a few shots of Don Julio anejo tequila alongside it!
It still amazes me how tequila fits so well with most Mexican food that deals with beef meat, to be honest.

Anonymous 66626

Just ate some white rice with fried chicken tossed in fried garlic and cilantro. Drinking iced peach green tea.

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