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Anonymous 66444

I graduated from college, moved out and got a job. What now?

Anonymous 66450

Get married.

Anonymous 66451

Not this.

Anonymous 66455

Telling women to not get married is anti-family and communist.

Anonymous 66457

Anonymous 66458

Who fucking cares about family
Humans need to die out

Anonymous 66459

Start saving money!

Anonymous 66460


Anonymous 66461

Your life will now revolve around saving up for your next vacation.

Anonymous 66462

Live frugally so you can save enough for your earler retirement

Anonymous 66465

Or she can get married and have a family.

The scrotes will revolt against it.

Anonymous 66473

Buy racoon.

Guide >>64268

Anonymous 66497

Communism is expecting everyone to fit the same stick, like you’re doing.

Anonymous 66529

Yes actually Communist societies are very "trad" like /pol/tards say but they dont realize this and this is another reason why they are not good. The Soviet Union, Mao's and even current day China are misogynistic.

Anonymous 66564

in communism women were expected to have traditional roles of maintaning household, cooking cleaning, raising children and working Full time. Atleast it was(and is) like that here

Anonymous 66575

You first

Anonymous 66578


>got a job

Anonymous 66579

Not everyone here is a NEET like you.

Anonymous 66586


now for the rest of your life.
try not to get overwhelmed by the increasing speed of the flow of time.

Anonymous 66636

Best advice in the thread.
1) date
2) breakup
3) repeat
4) get engaged
5) get married
6) make babies
7) get divorced
8) repeat 5-7 if you want
9) live as long as you can until you die

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