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Choose Wisely Anonymous 66607

Anonymous 66649

Access to medical care w/ psychiatric care
Academic degree from top university
One call a month

Anonymous 66650

music room
computer (no internet)
keep the change

Anonymous 66666

Sandwiches and soup
Vending machine
Art studio
Medical care

Anonymous 66668


Anonymous 66682

Good choices, Lucifer

Anonymous 66714

i cant do math but here it goes:
art studio- 10
swimming pool- 20
internet- 35
library - 50
soda/coffee- 52
soup/sandwiches - 54
phone call- 59

Anonymous 66718

Wouldn't you be afraid of the puppy/kitten dying?

Anonymous 66722

It says the opposite. A replacement animal will not be provided.

Anonymous 66734

Dogs life span is usually 15 years.
Cats is 20 years.
Unless you got one with a unknown illness it should live long enough.

Anonymous 66742

50 Points:
Sandwiches and soup -2
Coffee and Juice: -2
Library: -15
Art Studio: -10
Cat: -8
Medical Care + Psychiatric: -10
Two points remaining so just through in the aquarium: -2
Total: 50 points

If I bite the extra 10 points it would between the phone call, cigarettes and skylight. Stuff that I would realistically want but can do without.

Anonymous 66847

Sandwiches and non-alcoholic beverages
Booze and Drugs

Anonymous 66850

companion -25
library -15
top tier food -10

There's nothing more to life anyways

Anonymous 66857

High end pc - 15
Internet- 22
Medical care - 7
Sandwiches- 2
Vending machine- 2
Aquarium - 2

Anonymous 66899

>why on earth would someone choose the kitchen
Maybe they like cooking and want to practice it during these 10 years.

Anonymous 66919

You have a point. But the kitchen costs 15 points. Depending on one's priorities, they might not want to spend so much on food.

Anonymous 66960

Art Studio 10
Pool 10
Medical + shrink 10
Fancy food 10
Degree 7
Upgrade bed 2
Playing cards 1
Pet female cat 8
Sodas 2

I'm gladly paying the 5 mil for 10 points. I'd tbh love this scenario.

Anonymous 66962

PC, Drugs, Internet, Sex Toys

Can't put on weight if all I'm eating is goo. Jaw would probably get really sore. Have to grind my teeth or something. Gonna get really high and sex myself to death with fuck machines. Use the money to build a bunker not too dissimilar to the situation I had found myself in.

Anonymous 66963

PC 15
Internet 22
Sandwiches+soup 2
Vending machine 2
Art studio 10
Medical care 7
Bed 2

Is my PC HDMI cable long enough to connect to the tv? This would be pretty close to my normal life anyway, but better

Anonymous 66964

How about we try to get the worst combination of shit to spend points on?
I'll try:

Minigolf course
Internet (no devices to use it mind you)
Illegal drugs
Art studio

This would add up to 51 points so I'll only get the 5 Million

Anonymous 66965

You could just get the deck of playing cards 51 times really.

Anonymous 66966

Easy. Two companions

Anonymous 66967



Anonymous 66968

If I need to take meds to survive, do I need to pick med care or do I die?
if yes then
gourmét chefs
4k tv

if not
gourmét foods
4k tv
soda machine
uni degree

Anonymous 67039

i wouldn't get the movies because presumably you could use the intered net to stream whatever you want.

personally, i'm having soup and sandwiches, fast food and beverage options (9), a pc (24) and the internet (46), an art studio (56), a bigger bed (58) and some fish (60.)

i'd die without my medication/medical care within a year so i don't really need the 100m anyway

Anonymous 67100

Pc and internet to keep in touch with family, study, read books and play vidya
Basic medical care so I don't die of an illness before the release
Sandwiches and soup, the healthiest low cost choice
Non-alcoholic beverages for my caffeine addiction
Bed upgrade for the remainder of points

Anonymous 67312

Internet - 22
Computer - 15 (37)
thats pretty much all I but since I have all these points leftover
Soup and Sandwiches - 2 (39)
Drink Machine - 2 (41)
Skylight - 5 (46)
Aquarium - 2 (48)
and I guess a pack of cards - 1 (49)
can I cash out my remaining points for more money at the end?

Anonymous 67833

i sat and thought about this for 30 minutes straight before getting too stressed out and giving up… >_<

Anonymous 67837

Art supplies
3 daily meals.
Excess points spent on a single trampoline because I don't want a gym or a swimming pool, I want a single trampoline.

The healthiest low cost choice is the generic food paste that, allegedly, covers all nutritional needs.

Anonymous 68554

>Swimming pool-10
>Playing cards-1
Total: 50 points

1. You can do all you want with internet, name it all-entertainment, vidya, movies, art, books, talk to people, shitposting, news to keep me updated about the world etc. You can even learn educational courses through it.
2. Swimming pool to stay fit. A good cardio and builds muscle strength. Water is fun and therapeutic. All in one.
3. Aquarium with fishes to feel companionship or to have something to take care of other than myself-preferably a fish that can live up to at least a decade.
4. Playing cards. I can learn how to do magic card tricks from the internet. Just for fun.

Anonymous 68647

PC and internet -37
Skylight -5
Phone call -5
Sandwiches and soup -2
Deck of cards -1

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