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Anonymous 66976

What are some good active MMOs? Never been the biggest fan of them, but recently decided to try something out.

Anonymous 66987

wish i could help you, but i don't know of any good ones anymore. i used to really like aion before they changed their shit back in like 2012. from what i remember, it used to be so much lighter in theme/the settings were very pretty, on top of having decent game play. i wish i knew of like, lighter fantasy mmos.

Anonymous 66988

There's WoW. Take it or leave it.

Anonymous 67005

It's been a long time since I've played it, but from what I understand FF XIV is still genuinely good and pretty much the only MMO worth the subscription fee. Active and generally nice playerbase, tons of content, lots of classes and decent story.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 67012

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