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Anonymous 67124

i want to be a model but im old and ugly and browm

Anonymous 67129

i think this is a dumb question but anyways
you can get plastic surgery and still be a model right?

Anonymous 67135

that was what i was gonna ask next how do i learn to pose
also how old is too old? clock is ticking and i want to know if i even have a chance

Anonymous 67141

I'm a photographer, this is good advice. Practice good angles by doing selfies. Don't worry about finding professionals to start out with. When I was starting out, I was obviously terrible and too shy to work with models out of my league, so I shot with a lot of amateur models who weren't stunningly gorgeous but were patient with my experiments and we grew together. Both sides ended up with better skills and more access to professionals. Some of the girls I worked with in the beginning even blossomed into really good models due to practice and learning how to highlight their best features. You'll want to start out with artsy female photographers, many will let you show them photos you'd like to recreate and you can find a common ground that benefits you both.

The question is also, why do you want to model? Do you want to be a runway model, a print model, a glamour model, a makeup/fashion model? Or do you want to be a social media personality? These are all different things with different requirements.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 67210

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