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Anonymous 67216

Can a woman still call herself straight if she has had sex with a woman only once?

Anonymous 67222


You can call yourself anything. Boys will still think of you as straight but kinky if that’s the opinion you care about.

Anonymous 67223

Anonymous 67226

she's only bi if she liked it

Anonymous 67227

imo you're only bi if you're actually attracted to the other sex, NOT if you've simply had sex with them once or twice. otherwise all lesbians who started in straight relationships and had sex with a man once would be "bi."

Anonymous 68819

pasta is straight until it’s wet

Anonymous 68867


I fucking hate the meme phrase

Anonymous 68870


Good point. Some pasta isn't straight even when dry.
Then some, like penne, is always straight.
So the saying isn't even a good analogy.

Anonymous 68897


The saying is about spaghetti.

Anonymous 68903


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