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Anonymous 67217

>Decides your personality for you
Heh, Nothin personnel kid

Anonymous 67225

I don't believe it

Anonymous 67229

I dont believe in horoscopes but mine describes me so well i think im gonna develop psychosis

Anonymous 67234

>>Decides your personality for you
It's kind of funny you think this is this is the main criticism behind horoscopes.

Anonymous 67236

Can someone explain to me how two babies born at identical times in the same hospital, a room apart from each other, will have wildly different lives and personalities?

Anonymous 67239

It's simple. We don't live in a deterministic universe. In that case, them being in the same hospital and at the same time has no bearing.

Anonymous 67251

I never cared about astrology because I'm a (identical) twin with a 3 minute time difference from when my twin was born. We have lived rather different lives (she dropped out in 8th grade, had kid by 21, etcetera. I am about to graduate college and my starting jobs are in the 6 figures, etc. there are more differences I could go into) and so it's never been something I could entertain. It seems fun to giggle at, though.

Anonymous 67253

>mine describes me so well i think im gonna develop psychosis
did I guess correctly, anon?

Anonymous 67264

I thought with astrology, where you're born and the time of your birth matters?

I'm the anon you're replying to and I was actually going to bring up identical twins, but I figured some astrologyfag would be like, "Well they were born three minutes apart so that's why their lives are so different even though they're the same sign and have the same natal chart!!!!!!!"

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