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Anonymous 67220

Whats your favorite food i like fish it tastes healthy

Anonymous 67232

for me,it's sushi,especially those fried ones,and i love them more when there's some of that sweet sauce,you know,that one

Anonymous 67241


Anonymous 67242



Anonymous 67276


i like pancakes but also i like fish too so much actually fish and crabs is my favorite food other than pancakes

Anonymous 68192


Pho is the ultimate comfort food.

Anonymous 68196


strawberry cream crepes! i took french in high school, and one day our teacher decided to make us do a "cultural activity," aka we all made our own french food. someone in my class made these crepes and i've been hooked ever since.

Anonymous 68199

i can tell you what it most certainly is not: reeses cups. i THOUGHT i liked these stupid things until i regretfully purchased them moments ago. how awful. nothing but sugar and lies.

Anonymous 68202

The chocolate is the only good part of those things.

Anonymous 68293


my favourite food is potato
i cry everytim i think that potato exists and is real and i can eat it

i ran out of potato 2 days ago and my soul weeps until it is back on the market to buy again

my other favorite food is garlic bread or just plain butter'd bread because it is very simple and tasty

i am going to eat that today

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