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Anonymous 67323

Do you enjoy the PIV sex or do you just do it to please the moids?

Anonymous 67326

Implying I have sex at all. Please kindly leave this board, Stacy.

Anonymous 67332

Sperm has cadaverine and putrescine
No, I don't allow corpse chemicals inside me and never will, willingly

Anonymous 67359

I love it, but it needs to be at certain angles. It's heavenly when paired with grinding on something soft, but sturdy, for that 2x clit stimulation bonus. I can cum from piv in of itself, though.

I'm rather demanding when it comes to sex in my relationship, though, so that that as you will. I need sex multiple times a day to be satisfied (bear in mind this is because I'm an empty person who doesn't get pleasure out of much else due to depression. I have few to no hobbies or interests).

Anonymous 67360

I don't enjoy it much, but it's better than how men "finger" you.

Anonymous 67364

I used to really enjoy it. Looking back now I think I enjoyed it because I was a sex crazed virgin. I do know sex feels significantly better when I feel in love. But over time I just feel more and more disgusted with sex. I still get urges but I don't act on them.

Anonymous 67385

It's the only way I can orgasm because I've been scarred from moids not knowing how to rub clits or eat out. Only taught me that men are easily replaced by cucumbers and zucchinis

Anonymous 67457

>Do you enjoy the PIV sex

Anonymous 67464

Can you really have an orgasm by putting things in your vagina? I always thought that it was an invention of moids to feel useful and that the only orgasm that existed was the clitoral one.

Anonymous 67496

"vaginal" orgasm is still a clitoral orgasm, clit is way bigger than that small part you see on the outside and it's possible to stimulate it from the inside, but it's harder

Anonymous 67502

I do know, what I meant was that it's practically impossible for most women to have such an orgasm. So I'm surprised that she enjoys putting things (pretty hard btw) in her vagina.

Anonymous 67769

yes if it gets a certain angle/spot (g spot or whatever) then it feels nice

Anonymous 67783


Anonymous 67788

I prefer PIV, I can’t really explain a reason why outside of my body just wants it??

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