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doomer girl.png

Anonymous 67425

The broccoli soup exploded in the microwave

Anonymous 67426

eat bread anon

Anonymous 67427

You shouldn't leave food like that in the microwave. Soups, gravies, eggs, etc, they explode in there. It wouldn't be a problem if you were in the kitchen so you could hear the noise making it easy for you to turn it off.

Also, soups are best heated/reheated with pans.

Anonymous 67452

Get better at cooking so you won't have to use microwaves those fucking things are cancer

Anonymous 67482


Put a plastic lid on it next time sis

Anonymous 67710

That's crazy, everyone knows that to prevent liquid from exploding one should stop the microwave oven when the heating is half done to stir whatever liquid you're heating and then finish heating.

Anonymous 67770

At least it wasn't cat food.

Anonymous 67799

I used to love canned cat food lole

Anonymous 67805

anon what the fuck

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