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Anonymous 67505

Soooo we all know that BPD is the new hysteria, right?

Anonymous 67516

Is there medicine for BPD? It just seems like a way to sell drugs like how toxic masculinity was recognized as a "mental disorder" by the American Psychological Association.

Anonymous 67517

No. But depending on your psychiatrist, they may prescribe medication to lessen certain symptoms or co-occurring mental issues.

Anonymous 67520

99% of the time ‘BPD’ is just a manifestation of PTSD and a reasonable and expected mistrust and dislike of men after some kind of childhood abuse. Men get diagnosed with PTSD which is seen as neutral even if it makes them become serial killers, but PTSD in women is diagnosed as BPD and demonized because according to men, women are automatically evil harpy shrews when they aren’t behaving like quiet meek obedient little doormats and have a reasonable disdain for men. Not saying some people with BPD aren’t evil, but the amount of fake ‘muh crazy bpd ex gf’ stories concocted by incels are just that - fake and also pathetic.

Anonymous 67528

Exactly. They see it as something that is something wrong, like misplaced anger, not like it’s bound to happen with what all women see when men are near. Again and again. How dare someone disrespect the male.

Anonymous 67529

This. Embrace your personality """disorder""" as part of who you are as long as it doesn't interfere with important things like holding a job or staying physically healthy

Anonymous 67530

>reasonable and expected mistrust and dislike of men
What? I thought that bpd women are usually addicted to male attention and/or sex with them. My mother was bpd and she was basing her self worth on two things: whether a man notices her and excessive money spending (which resulted in her being in debt which she couldn't get out of until she died)

Anonymous 67531

Not really. Hysteria used to be concerned with physical symptoms in addition to odd behavior. I don't see BPDs diagnosed by having "Amnesia, Paralysis, Spasms or Deafness". Granted, yes it is more diagnosed in women, but it's not a female only disease like hysteria is treated. At the very minimum, BPD is linked to committing suicide in about 10% of cases, and while it would be jumping the gun to call it a single factor, unless you can make the jump to say committing suicide is okay, it's hard to argue this isn't a real illness.

Like most personality disorders though, it can only be treated if the person themself sees that they're behavior is wrong though. Diagnosing someone who doesn't care to change won't really do anything.


>They just gave it a "scientific" name to trick women into self-identifying as hysterical.
Hysteria was also a scientific name though.

Anonymous 67533

Like almost every single personality disorder, there's no medication to treat the disorder specifically. You can treat co-morbid depression and anxiety that may be caused by the personality disorder, but the personality disorder can not be directly treated with medication.

Anonymous 67534

There's as much evidence for any mental illness as there is bigfoot, your point?

Anonymous 67545

>and a reasonable and expected mistrust and dislike of men after some kind of childhood abuse.
The definition of a personality disorder requires the reaction not be reasonable, unless you're arguing that self-harm or suicide is a reasonable response to such an event. Are you?

Anonymous 67561

"Personality disorders" are just the extremes of normal human personality variation. BPD and Depended Personality Disorder are the female extremes, caused by "extreme female brain" just like psychopathy and autism are caused by "extreme male brain".

Anonymous 67562

Autistic woman here, care to explain any more?

Anonymous 67563

autism = excessive testosterone in the womb

Anonymous 67564

Just google "autism extreme male brain".

>The 'extreme male brain' theory posits that people with autism process the world through a 'male' lens and take an interest in stereotypically male topics, such how machines work or weather patterns. And they may have trouble with tasks that women are supposedly better at, such as grasping social cues.


It's been pretty much proven by recent research, although the "all biological sex differences are myth" crowd will deny it.

Anonymous 67565

Also, the "extreme female brain" theory is much more speculative. But I think there's something to it. Women's brains are wired more toward social cues and empathy and in excess, those cause anxiety, worrying about what others think about you, need to please, emotional over-sensitivity etc.

Anonymous 67566

this could be such a cool scenario for fiction lol, are women with male brains actual women?

Anonymous 67567

then i have male brain

Anonymous 67568

>person is an asshole
>doctor tells them there's a special name for the particular type of asshole they are
>person concludes this means that deep down they're not an asshole
That's more or less my opinion of and experience with most people with personality disorders.

Anonymous 67569

I should clarify that I don't think everyone with a personality disorder is an asshole, just that assholes with personality disorders use their diagnosis to convince themselves and others that their bad behavior doesn't count.

Anonymous 67575

That's weird. I don't really struggle with things like empathy, though. It mainly manifests itself in social awkwardness, ritualized behaviors and extreme organization, focusing excessively/taking a particular interest in specific details and topics, repetitive movements… I also suffer from sensory overload.

Then again, I guess everyone's different and symptoms won't be the same for any two people. It just feels like I've never really had an issue broadly understanding feelings, though I do have some communication issues.


Because autogynephilia correlates with autism. As you probably know, most troons want to be attractive, young women, so they're autogynephiles.

Anonymous 67588

because trannies don't have opposite sex brain despite what they claim. there is no proof of that, just few shitty small scale inconclusive studies. autists probably become autogynophiles in part because they lack the "theory of mind" and confuse their own coomer fantasies of women with reality.

maybe female autism just manifests differently. you could have "masculinized" brain to some degree while still being more empathetic than a moid.

Anonymous 67621

Any of number of reasons. In the general case, it would seem most autists fall victim to not intuitively understanding designated gender roles as not being hard requirements, but soft pegs. When an autist fails to meet the societal standards for what a man is supposed to act like, they then question if they are a man. After all, a man is a man because he acts like a man. Thus, if he doesn't act like a man, he isn't man, he's something else. The empty antithesis to this is that he is a woman.

Do note that this theory doesn't cover troons who are not autists, and if we start taking the premise the physically female brains have certain patterns, and physically male brains have certain patterns. You can justify that if a moid has a brain in a female pattern that he has a female brain, and thus can be a women "mentally" and wish to bring his brain and body into harmony. Since our ability to modify the brain is incredibly limited, it is easier to mold the body to resemble the female than it is to the mold the brain to resemble the male

Anonymous 67666

Because autists struggle to fit in with their peers or feel like they belong. They confuse their general inability to fit in with only having trouble fitting in with other men, and then take their perceived inability to relate to ther men as evidence that they're mentally not a man.
It's also worth keeping in mind that sometimes the way autistic people deal with social cues can appear less traditionally masculine. Like not being able to read social cues can lead to not respecting boundaries, but it can also lead to becoming extremely passive out of the fear of doing something wrong.

Anonymous 67679

I think >>67151 has something to do with it as well.

Anonymous 67733

>believing in this dog shit

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 67739

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