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ITT: Your favorite stuff Anonymous 67557

Let's play! Answer the previous post's question with what is your favourite thing (with the explanation: why is your favorite?) and then ask a question to the next poster.
I'm going to start: Your favorite ice cream flavour?

Anonymous 67584

>Your favorite ice cream flavour?
Chocolate! I love all chocolate flavoured food
Okay my question is: your favourite movie?

Anonymous 67722

>your favourite movie?
Spiritied Away

Favorite Anime?

Anonymous 67724

>Favorite Anime?
It's a tie between gunbuster and FLCL,I love how emotional and honest gunbuster is,and FLCL sort of just touches a part of my head I can't comprehend,but I like it.

Favorite album?

Anonymous 67754


‎Carole & Tuesday Vocal Collection Vol. 1. I watched the anime and the songs are so cute! I want to find more cute English songs that are similar to Carole and Tuesday's stuff.

Favorite animal?

Anonymous 67755


the harp seal, honestly no other reason other than its cute and makes cute noises

whats your favorite meme?

Anonymous 67756


Too many to count, buuut in keeping with my recent mood, here’s one I appreciated.

What’s your favorite genre of literature or films?

Anonymous 67758


>What’s your favorite genre of literature or films?
I like thriller/horror films!

What’s your favorite song?

Anonymous 67759

Optimist by Zoe Keating. I like her compositions and how she manipulates her music to sound like multiple cellos are playing. I hope to see her play live one day.

Who's your favorite philosopher?

Anonymous 67772

>Favourite philosopher
I don't know much about philosophy unfortunately, so my opinion is mostly based on memes, but Diogenes. I think today we would see him as just another raving lunatic among many, but that he had the audacity to do and say the things he did in famously rigid Greek society is commendable.

What's your favourite book?

Anonymous 67775

Wuthering Heights, the drama is impeccable.
Favourite video game?

Anonymous 67789

Kingdom Hearts II, a game with actually fun mechanics and triple AAA quality as opposed to only one or the other. Personally I find the KH openings to be the optimum potential for 3DCGI anime, but I doubt anyone will ever make a movie in that level of quality.

What's your favorite number?

Anonymous 67806

21, its part of the date i was born and is a naturally lucky number as well

What's your favourite colour?

Anonymous 75426


My favorite color is Cobalt, it is used in blue and white porcelain and I collect dishware so it has a special place in my heart.

What was the best meal you ever had?

Anonymous 75462

Favourite meal I’ve ever had was fish and chips at a scuzzy joint.

What’s your favourite romantic comedy of all time?

Anonymous 75492


10 Things I Hate About You

Your fav nickelback song?

Anonymous 75557

funny I do have a fav nickelback song: the most popular one - I think it is genuinely great
also I think band is not that bad as they say

Favourite time of the day?

Anonymous 75559

it's kinda true that all their songs sound the same though but yeah that one is a bop
twilight because of the pretty purple colours after a sunset. there's a melancholic feeling at twilight too.
favourite anime character and why you like them so much?

Anonymous 75560

My favorite time of the day is 6pm, it's usually when I eat dinner and then maybe there's a sunset outside. It's when you get off work and get home to smoke some weed before getting ready to go out to a concert or something.

Anonymous 75561

Also I forgot to ask a question.

What's your favorite video game?

Anonymous 84520


>favourite anime character and why you like them so much?
I like Tomoko from Watamote. It's nice to see a female character that isn't your usual ideal girl like most of them being super cute, optimistic, beautiful, sexy, badass, etc. A character that I can painfully relate to.


>What's your favorite reaction gif?
Don't really have a particular favorite one but this Hellmo gif is pretty funny.

What is your favorite cartoon?

Anonymous 84547


Adventure Time, I've watched it through like three times. I did not enjoy the ending or HBO spin offs though. The ending seemed out of nowhere rushed and the HBO spin offs were so bad. It was like an entirely different show but with the same characters.

Where were you the happiest?

Anonymous 84550

Trampoline, followed by weighted squat.

What is your favorite lethal method?

Anonymous 84578

Do you mean suicide or homicide? I guess if I wanted to die I'd want to be painless and clean. Perhaps overdosing on something. As for homicide, I'd just make it simple and shoot them

How often do you shower and how long is it?

Anonymous 84823

1-3 times a week for at least 20 minutes. if i'm not rushing, then 30 minutes to let the conditioner sit in my hair for longer.

what's your favorite novel?

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