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Is it "unethical" to be prefer unhealthily skinny girls in terms of physical attractiveness? Anonymous 67884

Anonymous 67885


Liking anorexic girls is not,on the other hand encouraging, pressuring, or merely not intervening when your partner starves herself, very much so.

Anonymous 67894

Is it bannable to talk about anorexia here?

Anonymous 67896

How about you read the rules and find out.

Anonymous 67919

>11. Discussing eating disorders is permitted, pro-ana thinspiration must be spoilered. Moderators may remove or spoiler images at their own discretion

Anonymous 67921

this looks ridiculous imo

Anonymous 67929

I like super skinny boys so I don't care. The skinnier he is the longer his peepee looks and he has a soft belly to cuddle against. I need an aristocratic skinny bf.

Anonymous 67934

Anonymous 67937

>>67885 This pic reminds me of those long-legged people in chinese tiktoks.

Anonymous 67938


Anime is becoming real and this is a good thing.

Anonymous 67939

this shit looks retarded. stop watching anime, people.

Anonymous 67940


Anonymous 67942


We should recruit at /fa/ thinspiration threads then they got some Eugenia Cooneys there. Sometimes.

Anonymous 67961


>thinking being skelly will magically transform you into a barbie-legged, animuh-like fairy
Photoshopping away bones and haggard skin is not an option irl.

Anonymous 67963

I still like her legs, she just needs another kind of make up. She is cute and chibi.

Anonymous 67965


I think collar bones and when the ribs poke out hot ngl

Anonymous 67966

Men who have such preferences hate women. They seek to harm them by making them sick.

Anonymous 67967


I think skinny people like skinny people anon.

Anonymous 67972

one time i found an anorexia-fetish subreddit (i don’t remember if they actually called it this, i think they just said “extremely petite” or some similar bullshit) and people explicitly said on there that the self-harm aspect of anorexia was a turn on. “i love when a girl starves for me. i get a boner when i hear her stomach grumbling” type shit. ever since then, i don’t have any respect for men who have a clear preference for skinny women, despite being anorexic myself. they’re so evil

Anonymous 67973

self-harm is always shit but looking skinny is nice. Now the people into people that do self-harm those are fucked up.

Anonymous 67974

and about moids we already know moids tend to be evil. This isn't for them, it's for one self, moids want everything to be about them those moids are trash for obvious reasons just ignore them.

Anonymous 67979

What do you say about girls who find skinny girls hot?
I know mine is from body confidence issues. They are something I can never be.

Anonymous 67993


This anona gets it. I just like that some societies are making anime real I always dreamed to be like a Sailor Scout. It's not for everyone but I have always loved that slender elegance even in men, I always been into anime bishie boys.

Anonymous 67995

exactly…i started starving myself to achieve this

Anonymous 68000

some ppl will just never look like this no matter how thin they get though. this is dumb to wholesale admire.

Anonymous 68003

How are they making it real by meituing themselves into noodle people?

Anonymous 68009


>unhealthily skinny
It literally all depends if the girl in question is in an actual healthy weight and body fat percentage, despite the fact that she may look "anorexic" to some people–especially fatty-chan and her stupid movement of accepting fatness as a healthy lifestyle AND a new beauty standard.
Contrary to popular belief, some models do naturally look like how they look in your typical fashion magazine, while also being in a healthy level of body fat percentage and muscle.
The problem here regarding the morality of the skinny aesthetic here lies on the fact that some agencies are dumber than shit; they don't know your basic physiology knowledge nor they will bother to hire an MD so they can check the limits of a woman's body fat, muscle, etc.; and they simply want to have the same weight for all women in the agency, therefore eventually getting those lawsuits about how some former employees were forced to become "anorexic" or so, and it was just a lack of knowledge in physiology and other fields related to the human body.

Since, to be honest, I don't know what do you specifically mean with "in terms of physical attractiveness".
So, in case you want to look like, say, the girl in your picture: make sure you know your limits and what is the lowest body fat percentage you can reach, so as to not harm yourself and, potentially, even kill yourself out of starvation or whatever way are anorexic women dying off nowadays.

Anonymous 68010

This too!
That reason is why you should be very careful to not date someone who prefers skinny or fat girls a little too much, as there is a high chance they want you to starve or get you fat as in fatass, respectively.

Anonymous 68011


>How are they making it real by meituing themselves into noodle people?

The thinner you are the closer you are to the 2D Anime realm. So thats why it works. One day I will BECOME 2D!

Anonymous 68013

imo tbh i do think some women can look like this. some people aren't built to though no matter how skinny they get.

Anonymous 68014


Is it really an eating disorder if you just think that your true self is meant to be skinny?
I have a "thicc" type of body, and I've been complimented on it before, but it just doesn't feel right. I feel like I'm supposed to be less than 100lbs. 87lbs, if possible.
I don't think I'll ever be happy with my body until I'm that size, but I can't relate to most of the other "ana" things. I'm not afraid of food (just calories), and I don't really even get that hungry. I mostly just eat to pass time and out of social obligation. It's physically very easy to go without eating for days, I've done it before.
My problem is, I actually feel guilty and anxious if I don't eat, like I'm committing a horrible sin and I'll get in trouble. My parents used to force-feed me until I got used to huge servings, so that might be why. I've gotten better at convincing myself it's okay to avoid food when I'm not even hungry, and that I need to rely on my body to tell me it's hungry, not routine, but sometimes I cave just to get some inner peace.
Is anyone else like this?

Anonymous 68020

Anon, nobody is supposed to weigh that little unless they’re like 4’11 or a child.
Being underweight is different from being skinny.

Anonymous 68021


Why not most lifestyles are really sedentary in this era anyway… What if she likes it? Most people can work from their own homes and on the internet this days if you have a sedentary job like that it's never gonna be an issue…

Anonymous 68024


Well eating is more than just taking in the calories needed to keep your body moving. There are a variety of proteins, vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function. While everyone is different, even if you aren't “hungry” you should at least consider including something like pic related in your diet if you haven’t eaten that day. Otherwise its like saying “Well, my gas tank is half full. So why do I need to change my oil.” But yeah, unless you're under 5' you should NOT be weighing under 100lbs.

Remember, Just because you can, doesn’t always mean you should.

Anonymous 68033

All men and most women desire this.
Personally I wish to be strong, but I also feel external pressure to change my body into being as tiny as possible because women are "supposed" to be small or whatever.

Just stay healthy and make sure you're doing what you're doing for you.

Anonymous 68036

that's not even remotely true.

Anonymous 68037

I think it is unethical and that this thread is full of unethical people.

Anonymous 68048

When will they learn.

Anonymous 68049


Anyone else fucking hate pro-ana communities? They ruin my fasts. Let me explain.
I'm sitting here not eating, doing perfectly fine, no side effects, I think "Is there anyone else into fasting? I want to read some posts I might be able to relate to!", so I look up a site like, say, SkinnyGossip, I click a thread, and then I start reading some wee precious cunt tittering about how so-and-so average-looking/non-thinspo but not fat celebrity is now actually a fat whale, how an obviously anorexic celebrity looks normal, and I actually start to feel hungry.
It's like their delusion gives me hunger pangs. The latent, poorly-hidden obsession with food is leaking from every pore of their posts, infecting my brain and giving me the binge cravings they probably feel constantly. I want to be at a very low weight too, but I can't imagine being that cut off from reality. They're ridiculous.
I don't get how people join places like that for motivation. They only do the opposite for me with their sperging. MPA is often just as bad with the desperation. They literally make it hard not to eat with the shit they say, when in reality, simply not performing an action (like eating) is simple. I literally start to think "Ok time to turn this off with a sandwich, damn" when I read their BS.

Anonymous 68050

Sounds like a personal problem.

Anonymous 68051

So did the Shota one. We are a chan style board we can discuss whatever we want!

Yeah, thats not true only a moid deals in absolutes but I don't think thats a moid, it's one of the rare cases where an anona generalizes out of ignorance. I think that people like a wide range of things and that is a good thing too.

Anonymous 68053

Hence me putting "Anyone else…?" in the first sentence. Reading comprehension, anon.

Anonymous 68054

why does a chan style board = "we can discuss anything we want"? shota is really fucked up. this isn't great but it's far better than shota.

Anonymous 68055

Because it's just drawings and this is just eating habits and body goals other people like?
This is how this anonymous boards are like there is a freedom other places just don't have. Here many communities you might disagree with can hang out together you like it or not and thats the magical uniqueness of all of it. I like this, my skinny goal could look different than the people here but whatever I'm not them. :)))

Anonymous 68061


What do you mean? I'm pretty sure most say it is okay as long as it doesn't affect your health and you know your limits and what you cannot change. It's not like we are advocating for anorexia, much less the tumblr fatty-chan's fat acceptance movement, for the obvious reason that no human in this world likes fatties.

You should also consider that there are only a few places we can talk about this without some moralfag shitting up the whole thread.
As well the possibility that some anons here are a little overweight, so having goals like this - while also knowing their limits and seeking the advice of an MD to check what are the said limits - should be completely fine here, to be honest.

Anonymous 68197


our culture is proana most models/idols are medically underweight

Anonymous 68198


Eeeh in Japan and other Eastern cultures standards are just different. Things perceived as anorexic here isn't anorexic there and so on.

We got a fast food culture what did you expect.

Anonymous 68200

i mean in the west too just check celebs and models bmi

Anonymous 68201

who are these two?

Anonymous 68203

How do you not eat? I get hangery, hungry-angry.I'm thinking about making pancakes in the morning and putting bananas and nuts in it. I love food but I hate being fat.

Anonymous 68204

count calories and just like don't go over that. 1500 daily is alright.

Anonymous 68223


Anonymous 68247

Stop making every emotion of yours a hungry time and drink more water.
Alternatively, eat five times a day but in small amounts and with healthy food.

Anonymous 68308


Skinny girls and underweight girls in particular really do have this sort of ethereal beauty about them, this sort of charm and elegance no heavier girl could compete with. The soft outline of ribs are always really nice

Anonymous 68310

Nah. Underdeveloped muscles and uneven body proportions make underweight girls look clownish and unsettling. And ribs jutting out don't exactly look pleasant either.

Anonymous 68317

If dubs then all the posters in this thread will gain 40 lbs over the winter

Anonymous 68323

I wish I looked like that

Anonymous 68337

It's sound like you have a specific experience in mind because I dont see that.

Anonymous 68352

why does it seem like everyone on here and lolcow only obsess over super muscley, super underweight skinny or fat? when did natural and healthy womens bodies no longer become good enough for recognition?

Anonymous 68354

I like skeleton princes or queens the most.

Anonymous 68358

If dubs, then you will gain 100 lbs over the winter

Anonymous 68396


is that considered "unhealthily skinny"? I'm skinnier than that and I'm not anachan.

I think it depends on if you're fetishizing anorexia (the eating disorder) or just petite girls.

back in the tumblr days, people were fetishizing ana culture; hip bones, collar bones, thigh gaps, etc, and now I get told I look "gross" or like a skeleton where as back in the day a bunch of mentally ill girls were reblogging my selfies

I think people went, "oh, shit this is fucked up, lets fetishize the polar opposite to make people want to be healthy" and now being "thicc" is in

Anonymous 68398

Her legs are extremely, bizarrely thin. You could plausibly be that thin without being anachan but the leg situation there looks strange as hell, maybe it's just app 'magic'

Anonymous 68402


I think it comes down to body type. Some people genuinely look better with out much weight and some people look better with a few pounds. Plenty look great at a healthy normal wright. It also goes into how they veiw their body. I love skinny girls, and I don't find their legs gross at all. You know what I find gross, morbidly obsessed legs. So if I had to look at the extremes it would be the skinny girl. The "thicc" girls are usually cherry pick and in general are unattractive. You can't still make the same arguments with skinnier girls.

I personally prefer to be skinnier because I think it suits my body type more. My skeleton structure is more on the wider side so it doesn't take much for me to feel huge already. And when I was the heaviest it really upset me that my gut and thigh balloon up but none of the fat went to my tits. I rather look skinny with no boobs then be fat and still lack in breast. I can still lose more.

Every one has their own preferences. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean everyone has the same view.

Such as my rating scale would be: Fit girls> thicc girls> skinnier girls> normal Girls> chubby girls> Body builder girls >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> morbidly obese girls…..and I know not everyone is going to agree. I have my own basis.

Anonymous 68403

>skinny girl candid vs hambeast purposely posing to hide her stomach and arms
sure showed us

Anonymous 68437


Actual based and correct-pilled answer. There are some girls with amazing bone structure that less flesh on the body will compliment while there’s others girls that look sickly and unbalanced at the same BMI. Additionally there’s some girls gifted with amazing fat distribution that look soft and curvy at higher weights while there’s others that turn apple-shaped at the same BMI.
Ana-chans keep thinking weight loss will turn them into a K-pop idol. It’s sad, really.

Anonymous 68444

it's interesting how different our perspectives can be even though we're both looking at the same picture.

My first thought:
>wow she looks much better with more weight on

Your first thought:
>muh hambeast

Anonymous 68454

She looks way better skinny, I don't think this is a great example of someone who looks better with extra weight. But there are some people who carry weight the way you describe, so it is true sometimes.

Anonymous 68486

that's because you either haven't taken bikini pics while overweight or are a scrote. Everyone knows a girl who has control over angles, poses, and lighting is going to look better than a girl who is in a candid. The fact that the right pic has to have dark lighting, hide her face, and her entire arms as well as posing to make her waist appear smaller says all.

You want to prove to us that women can generally look better obese? find a woman who looks better in obese candids with no makeup and natural lighting

Anonymous 68488

she's not even big, her boobs are. stop the drama.

Anonymous 68490

>she's purposely doing poses to emphasize her boobs and make the rest of her body look small
>she's not big!
reading comprehension is your friend, you clearly know nothing about photo deception therefore have no say

Anonymous 68491

please cut the shit, yes i am familiar with photo deception. her boobs are large whether or not she tries to emphasize them. you can't make medium boobs look that big. her arms are not especially big, nor her legs or waist. yes, there's angling going on but she's nowhere near as big as you claim. she's average but has large boobs. big boobs make you look way tubbier.

Anonymous 68492

>shes' average
>hiding her arms almost completely, sucking in, almost hiding her waist completely, pushing her body back into oblivion

okay anon you sure showed me she's actually a perfectly healthy goddess titty monster, she would look totally healthy in a candid with absolutely no lunch lady arms, gut or anything else

Anonymous 68496

I regret positing the picture. I would call her fat in the left picture. And I said that she's the cherry picked version of "thicc" girl meaning she filled out to be the iconic sex symbol. Not ever girl who puts on the same weight will look like her. But with all the posing and camera techniques you can see she's fat. She's hiding her arms and you can see how quickly her waist folds over her leg she's stepping in front.

Anonymous 68497

You are allowed to be attracted to anything you want. But you aren't entitled to demand that you get it. Except when it comes to your own body, then you can do whatever the fuck you like including starving yourself to death. Nobody cares.

Thin will always be the ideal female body because it signals youth, weakness, frailty and submission. The ideal qualities in woman. Both most heterosexual men and women are sexually and romantically attracted to the idea of female submission. Women want to be frail little lolitas protected by big strong men. Men want to be the alphas who rape them and "protect" them and drag them to their caves. Women obsessed with thinness are obsessed with youth and usually have blatant daddy issues/fetishes. I'm not saying this in judgemental way, just how it is for most people.

Anonymous 68499

i know skinny women with guts and average women with a little pooch, it doesn't mean you're fat. she's not fat. she's at an average weight beyond her ridiculous boobs. that doesn't mean she's thin and it doesn't mean she might not have thicker arms or a little thicker tummy or legs. i don't think it looks better than the left but i don't think she's a whale with huge lunch lady arms or a massive gut. her arms don't even look large, they look literally average.

Anonymous 68500

this, on top of that most fat fetish people I know don't care about women and use it as means of control, a lot of these admit they don't find fatness attractive either but just want to keep the other person down

skinny is good and attractive, too thin and bad and unhealthy. I'm sure thin but feminine and curvy is the ideal for the vast majority of people like 2000s kim k, beyonce, scarlett johanson, emrat, marilyn monroe, bettie page, and so on

Anonymous 68501

this is the dumbest post i've read in a long while. they're not "the ideal qualities in a woman", and no, both men and women aren't romantically and sexually attracted to the idea of female submission. this is an extremely simplistic and stupid view of human social development and the external pressures men and women are subject to are apparently ignored by you

Anonymous 68502

>she's at an average weight beyond her ridiculous boobs
boobs can only get so big without being fat, a skinny girl isn't going to just gain a few pounds, have a little bit go everywhere else and some how gain 10+lbs of pure boobage, this isn't anime this is a real life
show me a picture of this girl thats either a full frontal, candid, or video if you know for fact that shes actually a super healthy average lady with monster tits

until then you have proved nothing other than your amerifat delusion on what healthy womens bodies look like

Anonymous 68505

that's candee piani, she already admitted to having several boob jobs, is on several fetish sites for men who have fetishses for boob jobs

she looks okay for the rest of her body, but the difference doesn't prove that women look good with extra weight it proves she looks good with a boob job

she was obese in that picture however and admitted to losing weight, which is why she's fit in her newer pics. sorry anon

Anonymous 68506

>have a little bit go everywhere else and some how gain 10+lbs of pure boobage, this isn't anime this is a real life show me a picture of this girl thats either a full frontal, candid, or video if you know for fact that shes actually a super healthy average lady with monster tits
her boobs literally don't even look real, are you kidding me? have you never heard of implants or something? she definitely gained fat in her breasts but her boobs do not look real at all whatsoever, that's why i called them ridiculous in my above post. though it is the case that some women do have natural boobs that are large and not in scale with their average or thinner bodies. that's definitely a thing, but hers don't look like them and it uncommon. i don't think your "she has huge tits" means she's necessarily fat or changes the fact that even accounting for some angling, her body is completely average when you consider her massive tits are making her look bulkier and that it's entirely possible for someone to have comically large tits and an average body. it's not common and it's usually the result of surgery, but it does in fact exist.

not once have i called her healthy or said she's ideal. you can't discuss this issue without claiming i've said shit that i've not said. all i've said is that her body itself is average and took issue with you acting like she's huge.

Anonymous 68507

>she was obese in that picture however and admitted to losing weight, which is why she's fit in her newer pics. sorry anon
sorry for what? she wasn't obese. she was obviously heavier. post other pictures where it clearly shows that she was "obese" because she looked like an average weight person with massively comical tits. i have never once said she looked better heavier and you can't follow an argument to save your life.

>she looks okay for the rest of her body, but the difference doesn't prove that women look good with extra weight it proves she looks good with a boob job

never said this personally. the only thing my posts have complained about is the dramatization over her completely average body being "obese".

Anonymous 68512


I really love the skinny let's. They are their own type of elegance.

Anonymous 68514


Anonymous 68515

yet another thread of overgeneralization

Anonymous 68517

Anonymous 68518

I like that it's unclear if these anons are pro or anti ana.

Anonymous 68536

A female psychologist theorized that fat girls are seen by men as a threat because they're larger, occupy more space, and are hungry for consuming resources.

Anonymous 68537

Notice how they never get instagram models with an actual protruding belly. There are many different body shapes and fat distributions around, but the ones getting selected for these kinds of videos are those with big breasts, big legs, and huge butts.

Anonymous 68539


Anonymous 68540


Then why arent they treathened by this?

Anonymous 68541

That looks ridiculous but some do go for the bimbo aesthetic

Anonymous 68544


It's impossible to be "just right"?

Anonymous 68545

I feel the same way, pro-ana communities reek of fat energy. They always make me hungry. The more you obsess over food, the more hungry you get.

Anonymous 68552

i second this. i can have a goal or meal plan for the day and stick to restricting, keeping busy with other tasks, but if i happen to look at myproana or meanspo/thinspo i feel hungrier? or start thinking about food lol. i always try to use those communities as motivation but find i succeed way better in restriction (which i try to do healthy! i used to binge) when i dont obsess over food or look at those places.

Anonymous 68553


There can be. Mid-size women are underrated.

Anonymous 68564

Anonymous 68565


Anonymous 68580

it's not, just be healthy and make sure you're eating 3 healthy meals a day and try to keep your calories in the suggested amount, moderate exercise would be helpful too if you don't do any activities that require a lot of moving. If you have any negative food reactions then avoid those food, like if sodium makes you bloat like a balloon then try to avoid it, same with if sugar and dairy make you break out.

I also feel like diets like keto, vegan, and everything else over-complicate how easy it is to simply be healthy and on top of that fetishizing of overweight and underweight women all while healthy sized women are the ones getting shit from women and men

Anonymous 68582

careful, anon, that's certifiably "obese" to anons itt.

Anonymous 68583

>woman admits shes obese in something
>she's obese
>wow anons think everything is obese

Anonymous 68587


where's her admitting she was obese? you posted no photos to show how "obese" she was except for that picture (the same time she posted that blue bikini pic is on her insta, along with other photos of her and she was extremely average though much larger than when she was very fit, as suspected), nor did you post caps of her "admitting" that she was obese. not that i even care if she claims this is obese. if you go from very fit and thin to upper end of average with normal legs, arms, and just a bit of a tummy, the difference is extreme, but left is still very average. not obese.

Anonymous 68615

Take it easy everybody~
That's pretty fucking threatening to me, like seeing a standing bear face to face.

Anonymous 68616

japanese folding c…

Wrong .gif, but whatever.
Have this useful one instead.

Anonymous 68636

Men will see me as a threat? Wtf I love being fat now.

Anonymous 68644


Anonymous 68656


Anonymous 68658


Anonymous 68661

What's you're point?

Anonymous 68664

based, she's adorable. if only men were worth protecting. unfortunately even the raccoons tend to turn into ingrates

Anonymous 68670

just find an autistic one and then wedge yourself gradually into his life.
Autistic moids are far more resistant to change so you just need to make yourself a large enough part of his life that he can't imagine living without you.
They are also incapable of socialization with people they are uncomfortable around, so he would likely be reliant on you for comfort.
The hard part is of course making yourself part of his routine.
They generally don't turn into ingrates over time since they really don't like change much over time unless something traumatic happens.
At all really.
It's kind of the hallmark of autism.
Though you might have to twist his arm a bit when it comes to get him to iron out his bad habits.

Anonymous 68672

i dated a guy that autistic people thought was autistic. i'm unsure if he was actually autistic. he refuses to consider that he might be autistic, but he is incapable of empathizing with me, and doesn't seem to use or understand theory of mind, which meant non-stop arguing about how my feelings are not real, my motivations are not real because he wouldn't be motivated to do x action because of x feeling. it was horrible, extremely isolating and cruel. i would not recommend that. maybe there are nicer and more understanding autists out there, but i feel like it's probably uncommon.

Anonymous 68675

Might be more aspergers syndrome then garden variety autism.
Then again he could have just been a schizoid, since when people say that other people are autistic, they are generally basing their stance off of this person's lack of sociability.
So he could have not even been autistic, but rather undersocialized.
The adhering to patterns and routine is the main tell of autism, and while social ineptitude is a symptom it isn't the main symptom.
And lack of empathy definitely is not a symptom of autism.
You probably got yourself a schizoid.
In the future, look for somebody who goes about his day in slightly off but incredibly specific and consistent ways.

Anonymous 68676

I see your posts all over this site and you're psychotic. I can see the appeal of "harmless" shy nerd moids, but your approach is a bizarro version of the /r9k/ "I want a mentally ill gf" meme. You need to work on your issues.

Been in the same boat. You'd think they'd be better to be around, but the utter inability to relate to thought processes and feelings that they don't experience themselves is absolutely draining and often drove me to tears. Now I'm dating a failed normie and am having a better time.

Anonymous 68677

Bit harsh eh?
I'm not even recommending them for the whole having them depend on you, i'm just stating that they are extremely uncomfortable with change.
It's not even acting as a savior for them, a good amount of them live fairly normal lives.]
They just are driven by routine.
And what other posts are you even talking about?

Anonymous 69067

Yes, and?

Anonymous 69100



Anonymous 69103

>why is it bad to encourage women to be thoughtless hollows of human beings
begone scrote

Anonymous 69104

>incapable of empathizing
>non-stop arguing about how my feelings are not real

Idk, I think that sounds just like an average guy.

Anonymous 69107

everyone is allowed to have preferences but preferences ultimately shape everyone's life.

For example; women use to always prefer hard-working men who could carry their own load, support themselves and provide. Now that women have become too accommodating, it's women who are often supporting the men or doing "50/50", because of that men have become lazy and okay with being 25 and no career. Same goes for weight, back in the 2000s and 90s men loved skinny women and lots of women adjusted their diets to fit the trend, now that men like extreme curves women have to get surgeries and do intense exercise to fit the preference

overall, it's healthy and best for healthy and attainable bodies to be the "ideal", if just a few outliers like unhealthy i wouldn't mind but people are way to brainwashed

Anonymous 69308


Any other anons trying to get out of the 110s? How's your progress so far?
I want to get down to 105, and from there, to 95lbs. I finally broke my plateau recently, so it's seeming more and more possible every day :')

Anonymous 69429


Those two girls have amazing bodies
It’s it considered skinny though, they remind me of picrel
Kind of skinny or lean but still muscly and toned

Anonymous 69432

Yeah I agree they look great and not underweight

Anonymous 69441


Based and Corpse Bride / Tim Burton pilled. Good luck! I think fa has thinspo threads.

Anonymous 71514

i feel like i look best with some bodyfat at around 24-22% and a good amount of muscle. alot of the fat goes to my tits but not alot to my ass, so by doing powerlifting i have a very balanced figure i feel. tits which are made of fat and an a firm non saggy round ass. i don't like asses that are pure fat, some look good but that shit goes bad at 25 and just turns to cottage cheese

Anonymous 71784

i wish i was really skinny so i could look more like anime. last time i cut my calories to something similar to what it would take to maintain 90-100 lbs i started getting problems with fainting.
I still wear american size S clothing so it's not like i'm fat, but comparing myself to anime makes me feel disgusting and obese. i want a thigh gap.

men will fuck literally anything so i don't think it matters to them.
nice tummy

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