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Anonymous 68205

i dont like my voice its too high

Anonymous 68226

Be a vtuber you'll do great

Anonymous 68231

i also don't like my voice because i don't understand it

Anonymous 68244

Post a vocaroo, maybe it's really cute

Anonymous 68250

get fukin shredded and play off the contrast of your high voice and intimidating physique to confuse every moid within your general vicinity.

Anonymous 68252

Unhealthy men like typing us and get uncomfortable when we don't fit a mould.

Anonymous 68254


Like this?

Anonymous 68288

I love you anon

Anonymous 68351

Slight drawback of being muscular is that you generally won't be approached by guys(that you would want to be with).
But then you just need to approach guys on your own accord.
Preferably cornering them, so they don't run away.

Anonymous 72103

i'm constantly being accused of putting "on" a voice, or people accusing me of using a fake Lilypichu/loli voice, shit makes me angry

Anonymous 72108


Neither did she.

Anonymous 72122

You can actually make your voice lower or higher, there are special excercises for it. Look it up or stop bitching

Anonymous 72126

Anonymous 72143

I have the opposite problem of having a lower voice for a chick, to the point the incels in game VCs ad hominem me "tranny" when they just suck. Just look up voice exercises like another anon said, it's only hard at first.

Anonymous 72489

damn, sorry to hear that. I hate incels in games, it's why I rarely talk in them, lol.
Whenever I hear some random neckbeard go "UWU" and i am just like, "oh god he thinks I'm a fucking weeb trying to be cute for him"

Anonymous 72592

>having a voice

I have been pretty much mute since I was a child, born with speech difficulties and in later life it got worse so eh lol

Anonymous 72629


Anonymous 72630

same fam. apparently i sound like a 10 year old girl. most people gush over it, and i get weird attention from guys with lolicon complexes, but some people think i'm faking my voice.

i've started doing vocal exercises including breathing more deeply and speaking from my stomach. i just started a few days ago but am already seeing results. problem is i have to do it consciously. i think i can go from a 10 year old girl to at least a 14 year old.

Anonymous 72633

My voice sounds retarded. I don't know how to explain it but I absolutely hate it. I have an accent from learning french as a kid. But it's not a nice accent, it just makes me sound like a have brain problems.
At least my bf thinks it's normal. But other people have made fun of it in the past. It also gets extremely high pitched when I get in an argument and my family constantly gives me shit for it. I hate that it's something you can't actively control or even notice since your voice sounds different to yourself.

Anonymous 83698


Its okay OP, I understand your pain. That's why I hate hearing recordings of my voice being played back as it sounds like a little girl is talking. I end up trying to sound deeper and get asked if I'm a 12 y/o boy instead lol

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