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Anonymous 68438

God, I wish I was just infertile

I don't want children. I never have and still don't. I'm 23.

I want to have unprotected sex with my boyfriend without having to worry about pregnancy and having to mess with my hormones and deal with side effects of the pill

I fucking hate having period. Every fucking month I have to go 3 days of hell, pain and discomfort.

Just make me infertile.

Anonymous 68447

when you get your next period go to a gynecologist and get an IUD, they're quick, safe, painless (other than the initial discomfort of an instrument being shoved up your womb) and render you infertile and periodless for 3-5 years

Anonymous 68453

nta but IUDs don't always get rid of your period, I have had mine for two years and get worse and longer periods than before the IUD. But it's a copper one, I don't know if that makes a difference.

Anonymous 68458

>it's a copper one, I don't know if that makes a difference

It does. The copper IUD tradeoff is that instead of getting depression from hormones, your periods get five times worse.

Anonymous 68602

FYI if you're at risk for ovarian cycsts like I am an IUD is not for you.

I perpetually take the pill (I haven't had a period in almost a year) and its great.

Anonymous 68610

How hard would it be to find a guy who has a vasectomy?

Anonymous 68626

probably kinda hard. you can check childfree places, like i see men on the childfree subreddit who talk about their vasectomies. idk how you're going to find a guy with a vasectomy in the wild. very uncommon, especially if you aren't interested in dating 45+ men. probably better off finding a guy close to your age that doesn't want kids who will probably just end up agreeing with you and getting one.

Anonymous 68629

Just use the pill

Anonymous 68634

I'm too scared of the high risk for getting a blood clot. I'm very immobile, all I do is sit on computer all day so I imagine I'd be at pretty big risk at getting it from the pill.

IUD would be good but ovarian cysts run in my family so it's not an option either.

Anonymous 68645

How about you jerk him and he fingers you, no unprotected sex needed

Anonymous 68646

>doesn't want kids
>wants to actively have unprotected sex
>wants to have sex in general
Get your tubes tied or non-hormonal implant.

Anonymous 68682

>3 days
ok, lucky bitch

Anonymous 69714

I'm pretty sure you still get periods with your tubes tied

Anonymous 69932

Copper IUD. Not an implant, but still, this changed the game for me. Periods suck but I'm so much happier with my body's natural hormones.

Nexplanon completely ruined my sex drive and made my face fat.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 69939

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