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Anonymous 68519

Does anyone else just get really frustrated and stressed thinking about all the horrible things going on in the world that everyone just doesn't think about? People starving, ok. People being tortured and killed in war, ok. Millions of animals living miserable short lives in cages and killed daily, ok. Child slavery, ok.

People just go about their daily lives with no thought to where their clothing, electronics, food, etc came from. What is going on during the same day in the world.

It goes a whole new level to the word selfish, like people just don't even care to learn about these things.

But then there is so much going on, so much just accepted as normal, like killing a spider because it makes you uncomfortable instead of realising it is a living thing and pushing past your own selfish feelings and just putting it outside.

It's too much to think about but then you can't not think about it. But because there is so much of it there is nothing to can do to fix it all.

You can't be like other people and just block it out and not think about it but then living with knowing all of these things and seeing it all around you is torture too.

I feel like I'm stuck in a dark age textbook. Some person from the future is going to look back at this time and scoff at all the horrible things we do. I don't agree with this, I don't want to be part of this but it's inescapable. I'm part of this against my will.

How are you supposed to live like this?

Anonymous 68521

Here's how I think about it:
The reason you find things like war, slavery, and murder appalling is because they're no longer normal. Slavery was practiced by literally every major civilization, and continues to be practiced by some. There's evidence that humans have been committing genocide against other groups of humans at least since we first left Africa. For thousands of years famine and starvation was just an unavoidable reality. And yet we live in an era so advanced that all those things are outrageous instead of mundane. They're upsetting because they're not something you have to just accept anymore, they injustices that can be avoided in ways they just couldn't before.
Anyone from the future who judges us against where they think we should be instead of where we used to be is an idiot.

Anonymous 68524

>The reason you find things like war, slavery, and murder appalling is because they're no longer normal.
That’s comforting to think about. Thanks anon.

Anonymous 68525

Yes, I feel sad and frustrated often. And if you think about it, most of this suffering is caused by men. Why should we live with these so evil beings? It is so frustrating to know the origin of the problem and not be able to do anything about it.

Anonymous 68526

Sex selective abortion of boys when

Anonymous 68528

no, i'm mentally ill (dark tetrad)

it makes me sad knowing that what separates us from moids is our empathy and the fact that we can be so much less superficial and shallow than moids, but i don't have any of that and i have to fake it to make myself try and believe it

this is kind of true. keep in mind that humans are still a species of animal, i guess.

Anonymous 69164


> like killing a spider because it makes you uncomfortable instead of realising it is a living thing and pushing past your own selfish feelings and just putting it outside.

Okay you had me up until this part. Miss me with this crybaby shit. I have a legitimate phobia of spiders and hate them with every fiber of my being, I am entitled to stomp the living shit out of one anytime I see one in the sanctity of my own room. They're invading MY domain.
Not to mention the fact that they're just innately evil. And I am not being overdramatic when I say this, I wholeheartedly believe they have an evil will in their hearts and they secretly desire to kill us.

>I sprayed a spider I once found in my bathroom with bleach, it went and crawled under the door I thought to go die somewhere but as soon as I looked away then turned back around, there it was RIGHT BEHIND ME crawling back TOWARDS ME

>Spiders are innately evil and you can't convince me otherwise

Anonymous 69165

>thinks a spider can be evil

Anonymous 69167

that's really fucked up. you can be scared of spiders but still feel bad for them. most spiders do more for you than harm you. most spiders are harmless to humans.

Anonymous 69168


uwu, Y u haet? ;__;

Anonymous 69170



Don't give a fuck and don't care. They're evil contemptible little creatures and they all deserve to be wiped off the face of the Earth. Regardless of whether they're harmless or not.

Fucking disgusting

Anonymous 69175

Of course we're selfish. But it's human nature to be selfish. What would you have everyone do, stop going about their lives and cry for the sad lives of others? If we see it or interact with it directly, we are naturally going to feel an inclination to help, but when it's so far removed from us to the point where we can hardly even see it of course we're gonna ignore it and continue with our own lives. People only care about things that effect them and maybe it's sad but its pretty natural, i.e. normal.

Anonymous 69200

grow up and stop assigning malice to innocent creatures that are just trying to live their lives, as you are. it's not cute and i'm sure your annoying behavior influences other people to wrongly vilify them. being scared of spiders is one thing, but to act like they're awful and contemptible despite usually being harmless and often, beneficial to humans, is lowlife and ignorant behavior. i'm terrified of cockroaches but they're still amazing creatures that are just struggling to live and it'd be absolutely pathetic to not feel sympathy for them just because they scare me.

Anonymous 69279

Hey, I struggle with this sometimes too. There's just so much misery in the world, and it's so normalized because it's just what humanity does. Intrinsic to our species. I became an antinatalist for a while because of it.

Anonymous 69287

>legitimate phobia
you're a fucking drama queen

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 79702

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