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Anonymous 68608

What's your excuse?

Anonymous 68612


I fell for the tinder meme for a minute but there's no substance in any conversation you will have on there. Also I don't like when people approach me with a relationship already in mind so yeah tinder wouldn't work for me

Anonymous 68613

This implies that I want to use Tinder, which I don’t and never will.

Anonymous 68622

I live in a small town where everyone is my cousin.

Anonymous 68624

is that a transwoman?

Anonymous 68625

That's an incel called Eggman and someone has used his pics to set up a fake tinder. He's not trans.

Anonymous 68627

Lmao poor Eggy.

Anonymous 68632

Fake and gay

Anonymous 68746

Men on those apps will just mass-post every woman in hopes that one Stacy or at least Becky falls for it. I had a blatantly fake profile to try out the app and got those kinds of copied comments.

Anonymous 68753

>Indian men
Yeah no shit

Anonymous 68757

He had several girlfriends

Anonymous 68761

i notice that a lot of "incels" actually have a lot of women interested in them. inceldom is less about not having women interested in you, and more about being a toxic and entitled piece of shit that enjoys mistreating women.

Anonymous 68762

yeah, inceldom is about having high standards. almost every incel I see writing on 4chan or reddit has had gfs or sex and they always admit they would never date any woman who is ugly or fat or older than 25 or even has something like tattoos or dyed hair. incels are just mediocre looking guys who want to fuck 10/10 girls and get mad when they can't get them.

Anonymous 68784

I once went to the incels website. On that website I saw jokes and discussions about if they can't date a 10/10 then there was no reason to date at all.

Anonymous 68797


Anonymous 68798

I don't get the joke

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