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I hate birthdays Anonymous 68711

I'm so tired of having to pretend to care. My stupid fucking family always thinks they have to bring me out and sing their stupid shit. Leave me alone this is for babies and shit. FUCK

Anonymous 68712

At least your parents give a shit about you and want to celebrate how important you are in their lives.
Don't be so disrespectful, how do you casually refer to your family as your "stupid fucking family"? Sickening…

Anonymous 68713

Ok mom

Anonymous 68717

Do you hate birthdays or your family?

Anonymous 68718

what i dislike is the way i'm meant to feel responsible for other people's happiness on their birthdays, when really, the fact is that my attendance doesn't matter. they're so preoccupied with other people on birthdays, and i can see them on other days. i can share a birthday moment with them alone at any other time and without the intrusion of a bunch of other people, which is much more meaningful. i don't add to the celebration, i am purposely invisible at these gatherings, and i really hate birthdays and birthday parties, so why do i have to go? i'd really rather spend time with these people one on one where it can count, not just be another body that really doesn't want to be there. it makes no sense.

Anonymous 68727

point at her and l…

You could just not go, anon. Unless… oh my god. You don't LIVE with your family, do you? And you're older than 18?! Oh, man. Ohhhhh man.

Anonymous 68731

This is probably the most American misconception of all. Must just be a shitty troll.

Anonymous 68732

I, too, hate celebrating my birthday. The worst part was always feeling guilty because my parents wasted money on gifts I didn't like. Nowadays we don't celebrate it thankfully. My bf took a year to find when my birthday was, but since I absolutely avoid the subject I don't think he even remembers it anymore.
Surprise gifts are bad on any celebration and being the center of attention also sucks.

Anonymous 68736

>Most people do not leave home immediately at 18

Most people don't resent their family for loving them and wanting to celebrate them, either, but here we are.

Anonymous 68739

Why don't people just give cash? I blame people for advancing the whole "a personalized gift means so much more than cash!!" thing because people always seem to assume they know way more about people, their interests, behavior, than they actually do. It's not overly impersonal to just give someone cash.

Anonymous 68741

Oh yes, people never like an extra $30 to do with what they wish. That's why no one gives cash at weddings either, right? Almost everyone loves cash. The last thing most people need is a poorly chosen gift that they have nothing to do with that also makes them feel wasteful and ungrateful. Cash is the safest bet.

Anonymous 68743

Giving money as a wedding gift is very expected in my country. Lots of people aren't DINKs making $10,000 a mo, anon, and extra cash is often appreciated over a gift they have to lug back to the mall or department store with the hope that they'll return it for something they may want. What's even worse is the fact that you're putting people in a position to have to pretend to like your gift, so they feel guilty. I'd say a gift card to a well-liked store or restaurant is a good compromise between the two, if people are really terrified of seeming tacky.

Anonymous 68744


I know what you can do with your money, send me 1000 dollars and I will tell you


Just kidding haha


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