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Girl or Boy? Anonymous 68850

If you can choose the gender of your child what would you choose? And why do you choose that gender?
What gender roles do you think are important and what gender roles do you think are too outdated to teach your children?
I personally think its assign to try and force children into this gender stereotype. But I also think trying to be all gender inclusive is equally damaging.

I know there are threads with similar topics but not really one about teaching gender roles to children.

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Anonymous 68851

I would only ever have a daughter, I would just abort a boy. Men are ticking time bombs; you can raise them to be as respectful and as good as you want, eventually, societal influence and peer pressure will make them just like every other shitty man out there. There's no winning when trying to raise a good son that will treat other women properly.

Anonymous 68852

well I dont know how to work image threads. First two are found on /feels/

Anonymous 68854

How would you raise your daughter? Would you teach her how to cook and clean. Not because there associated with women, but those are important traits to be self dependant. What if she like the color pink and wanted to be a princess? Would you encourage life goals that are not aimed at young women. Such as engineering?

Anonymous 68855

This world is horrific and I'd never subject a child to it. I'd only ever adopt.

Anonymous 68857

It's men that don't teach their sons basic life skills like cooking and cleaning. If they do, it's almost always sloppy. I don't care what my daughter would want to do, but I'd rather raise her in a commune of some sort with like-minded people. A village where we could all raise our children together would be nice. I don't know if I want to bring a child into this hell of a world.

Anonymous 68858

Couldn't agree more. I don't want to spend years of my life to take care of a horrible animal. I hate trans but if I can't abort a boy or put him into adoption I will just make him to transition to a nice and gentle girl, without him knowing it.

Anonymous 68860

I hope my bf and I can have both 1 girl and 1 boy in the future.
One thing I would never tell my daughter would be to "find an attractive and wealthy man to marry". My family would tell me and my sister that so much, and now my sis is a literal golddigger and I'm useless and always hoped I could find a guy who would support me.

Anonymous 68861

I'd prefer a daughter, simply because I am a woman, so raising her would be a more familiar ground. I would, however, deny "gender" bullshit to her. I would accept my gay child, I would accept my trans child, it's not her (or his) fault for having an innate disorder, but the second she comes to me with "Mom, I am they/them/xie/xir enby agender uwu" she gets the boot and a ticket to the nearest orphange. I can only hope that this faux trans fetishism will cease to be by the time I will actually have a child.

Other than that, if she wants pink and glitter, no problem. Digs army aesthetic and camo, sure thing. Wants to mix, okay. Careers - well, given the modern climate I can only hope that my child will have any options other than McDonald's employee. Basic skills are a must, because they are basic skills. That would include not only cooking and cleaning, but also fixing and managing things. Maybe homeschooling, but that's not a given.

You can't do that. Google John Money and his experiment on Reimer brothers.

Anonymous 68862

This is assuming my partner also wants kids (and we're both very healthy, stable, and reliable). I'd welcome it, but am fine either way.
>If you can choose the gender of your child what would you choose? And why do you choose that gender?
Probably girl since we'd be able to connect in a way I couldn't with a male child. I'm also super close with my mom and would love to recreate that.
Also I'm gay. I fear a son may miss out if he doesn't have a resident male role model (though I do have many male friends). He'd either turn out a weird-and-dependent-mommy-issues incel or the best guy ever, and idk if the risk is worth it.
>What gender roles do you think are important and what gender roles do you think are too outdated to teach your children?
Only biological realities are important imo (sexual dimorphism, pregnancy, etc.). I'd teach her that gender role exist and things will be expected of her by others, but ultimately she can present and act as she feels.
I'd teach her all the basic survival things but also won't pressure her to be a world class cook or a mechanical engineer unless that's what interests her.

More important than the gender role stuff, imo, is keeping an open channel for communication, always being understanding, and teaching her how to handle her emotions/problems. Just…love her.

I have a bit of internal work to do before I'd be ready to be a mom, but it would be nice.

Anonymous 68864


If I had kids I would only want daughters. I saw a mom walking with her young daughter outside the other day and I found it really sweet. I would love to support my daughter and watch her succeed. Mother/daughter relationships are one of my favourite themes in media. I don't want a son because I can't relate and what >>68851 said.

Anonymous 68865

Are all boys really destined to grow up into bloodthirsty warriors like everyone says?

Anonymous 68866

This is my dream. Just us and me showing her how men are and how to be strong and independent.

Anonymous 68871

ot but does anyone want a thread on the gilmore girls? i have serious thoughts on this show that i need to get out

Anonymous 68873

What advice would you give to your daughter about relationships, presuming you don't tell her to never speak to men ever?

Anonymous 68881

It is impossible not to speak to men. Homeschooling her would make it more difficult for her to socialize after she tries to go out into the world, but I think that I could personally create a great curriculum that isn't male-centric for once and explains the world as truly as possible. This might be something I look into further, because I barely need to work anymore so I have a lot of free time. It's important to stress how deceptive and manipulative men are, then they project and create this image of women being devious little devils. She will see this soon enough for herself when her friends begin to have their hearts broken and be used for sex. That's part of what begun to "radicalize" me, if you can call it that. Not even halfway through high school, boys were pretending to love girls for sex.

The literal best thing a man could ever do for me is give me a nice daughter to raise. They are completely worthless, violent, chauvinistic pigs, and society/peer pressure makes absolute certain that these gender stereotypes are reinforced in them.

Anonymous 68898


>Are all boys really destined to grow up into bloodthirsty warriors like everyone says?
>everyone says?
No, and everyone doesn't say that, just the misandrists here.

Anonymous 68900

So this 'Duality of Man' means…

Anonymous 68901

I'd still be a girl but this time I'd looksmax way earlier on. As hard as a woman's life can be fact is pretty privilege is real and very very easy money.

Anonymous 68905

>If you can choose the gender of your child what would you choose?
Girl. If I were to have multiple children I’d want mostly girls as well, as they would teach the boys that I had empathy
>And why do you choose that gender?
I think I’d be a better girl mom than boy mom. Also, if I had to raise the kid solo the boy would turn out to be an incel that blames me for everything.
>What gender roles do you think are important and what gender roles do you think are too outdated to teach your children?
I would probably raise my children the same, so no gender roles I guess. I’d teach all of my children how to keep a house and cook, as well as teach them the importance of earning money/having a job. When it comes to toys, I’d probably have both “boys” and “girls” toys in the house and they can choose.
Essentially, I wouldn’t force traditionally feminine tasks on my girls but I also wouldn’t shun any girls who end up naturally gravitates towards it. Idk about boys and traditionally masculine stuff because I don’t know of any “masculine” tasks besides killing spiders and trying not to cry.

Anonymous 68916

I'd want two boys, and one girl. Two boys so they could have a nice brotherly dynamic, and a girl so I could know what it's like to have a lovely little daughter. I'd leave the boys mostly up to the father but the daughter I'd try and guide as much as I can to avoid the mistakes I made as a teenager. Take care of herself, feed her properly so she has healthy habits, encourage sports, etc.

Anonymous 69029

>a nice brotherly dynamic
So they hate each other, envy each other, and are over-competitive with each other?

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