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Hanging Out Anonymous 68872

Have you been spending time with your friends during this pandemic? It's a bit hard but I still enjoy getting with the group and going out every once in a while

Anonymous 68875

No I don't have friends

Anonymous 68882

most of my friends live across the country since I moved recently so that's a no go

Anonymous 68918

I never hang out a lot with friends because of work schedules and living in different cities, and ever since Covid I've only seen them a handful of times.

Anonymous 68925

if you consider facetimeing hanging out then sure

Anonymous 68968

I did a few days ago.

Anonymous 69172


how do you find friends to hang out with? how do you hang out with them anyway? what would you do? i realize i sound like an autist but all of my time is spent into work and online school, so i've never bothered on making friends nor does anyone reach out to me as attempt to befriend me.

Anonymous 69174


In Ontario you're allowed to be in groups of up to 10 people inside, and 25 outside. pretty much everything except bars/clubs are open. I see my friends all the time. We stay in our bubble of like 6 or 7 people, and no one social distances. We individually go out to restaurants and hair salons and grocery stores and the gym and visit our parents all the time too so when we do see one another it's not like we've been distancing from other things (other than obviously social distancing in all these places, and we've been wearing masks, using sanitizer and taking all the precautions we have to). Most of my friends are even back in office for work too. Life is basically normal, the only thing that's really different is that we're not doing big groups or obviously going to bars or concerts or having large parties anymore.

Anonymous 69203


My irl friends and I met in school so I guess that's kind of a meme but more important is having a shared interest imo. We all meet every now and then to play dnd (during quarantine we did it each saturday online). And then sometimes I meet up with maybe one or two of them to do something else like go to the movies or eat something. But generally birthday parties and dnd are the big things that get us to all come together.

I know it's cliche but join some kind of hobby group and if you just find one or two people you like that might branch out (one person in our dnd group I only met through my classmate friend).

Anonymous 69237

I met most of my current friends through the internet, so it's business as usual for us on Discord.

My friends IRL have been trying to get me to go out, but I am too paranoid.

Anonymous 69238

Do you worry about having a falling out and being doxxed by them or even like the fact you are not as anonymous online anymore?
Do you prefer talking to the friends you met in person: online or offline???

Anonymous 69242

Not really, in all honesty. I've known some of them for a few years now and it's mostly just light banter and playing video games. I don't really draw negative attention to myself either so I doubt it would happen, there'd be nothing interesting to find.

As for IRL friends it depends. Texting can be tricky because they can't interpret my tone, so for them I prefer talking face-to-face or over the phone.

Anonymous 69244

>As for IRL friends it depends. Texting can be tricky because they can't interpret my tone, so for them I prefer talking face-to-face or over the phone.
What is up with this?
People who are not online all the time talking to people aside from normalfag apps tend to be unable to interpret the subtleties of text.
I can understand when talking with a random obviously but with a friend you like learn how they type and meme so you know what they are thinking beyond the text message.
Do you feel this way or am I just a weirdo?

Anonymous 69245

Not weird at all anon, I share the same sentiments!

Anonymous 69280

Yeah, we went to a flea market the other day. We haven’t seen each other in awhile, so it was a nice change of pace. I feel bad for them though since they can’t seem to handle not seeing people or going out that often the way some of us here can.

You’re not alone. Tone is usually something that gets lost in translation when I send messages to people I know irl. It’s so strange how someone you’ve known for years can’t understand your meaning when it comes to typed out words.

Anonymous 69406

Been hanging out w my bf recently a little bit once a week since rona and my brother just found out his best friend tested positive yesterday:( gotta self isolate now smh…

Anonymous 69410

Imagine having friends offline.

Anonymous 69414

Not-so-funny story:
I had a group of friends on discord or were initally cool so I let my guard down and foolishly told them personal things only for them to turn into complete assholes and threaten me if I were to leave
Luckily I'm not complete bumfuck stupid so of course I just deleted my account and called their bluff but remember ladies be careful what you share online

Anonymous 70980

VRchat saved my life during the pandemic. VR is very much needed in order to have a social life these days because you can still go to the club and dirnk or anywhere with friends there.

Anonymous 70991

I have no friends irl and I don't leave my house/backyard unless I have to buy something. I chat with online friends and all I really wish I had in my life is a girlfriend.

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