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Anonymous 68874

Where the fuck do you meet women

Anonymous 68879

Futari Monologue 1…

>lesbian discords
>hobby/interest clubs
>social media (especially if hobby/interest based…I find an odd amount of success here. Women really do admire skills, it's cute)
>not ideal rn, but conventions (weeb, comics, horror, pets, dolls, etc.)
>lesbian dating apps for normies (apparently you have to shift through unicorn hunters)
Good luck! I'm also on this quest.

Anonymous 68886

>lesbian discords
aka trans lesbian discords
>hobby/interest clubs
aka old man town
>social media
like facebook groups? this might be promising
aka gay man town
>lesbian dating apps
aka ghoster/nothing interesting about them/ppl who can't hold a conversation/flake town

Anonymous 68892

>nothing interesting about them/ppl who can't hold a conversation

Imagine having a dating pool so small you couldn't drown a toddler in it and being this picky.

Anonymous 68893

if op is a man i don't care about helping him but if op is a lesbian she has every right to be picky with the people she might consider dating. just because your dating pool is small doesn't mean you have to settle.

Anonymous 68896


Anonymous 68904

I'm pretty sure that's exactly what that means. Like, actually literally. Less people therefore less choice.

Anonymous 68912


it's not about being 'picky' it's about having nothing to work with. eg obviously i wanna eat this womans pussy but what the fuck am i supposed to say to do it

Anonymous 68915

no it's "literally actually" not. she doesn't have to actually settle and actually fuck and actually get involved with people she finds boring. she could simply… not.

Anonymous 68919

In the grand scheme of things she'd have less potential partners, but statistically homosexuals have more partners than anyone.

Anonymous 68961

I'm assuming this is a dating app. For starters put up a decent picture of yourself in your profile so you end up talking to people who are genuinely attracted to you. Next just ask them on a date.

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