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Anonymous 68995

Do you notice males whine about circumcision more than women when it comes to FGM. How come women who have been circumcised aren't professional victims?

Anonymous 68996

Probably because you live somewhere in the English speaking world or the wider west where FGM is relatively rare and male circumcision is fairly common. I also think this is just a silly bait thread so you should go dunk your head and get a better hobby.

Anonymous 69000

Because it’s so common.

Think about it: virtual every single American baby boy is circumcised. Whether you think it’s completely harmless or a life ruining procedure, it’s insanely common. More people get it so more people are unhappy online about it, even if the vast majority of circumcised men think it’s normal and that the Europeans/Indians are the weirdos.

My perspective is circumcision is dumb and I would never approve of it, but it’s not as bad as FGM because at least the dick still works after. Malefags mad they aren’t pitied and blame the wahman for it instead of the person (guess their sex) who normalized it and influenced parents to have it done on their children.

Anonymous 69004

What do you mean female genital mutilation is not so common? What about all those women who feel intimidated and decide to cut off their labia minora to please the scrotes?

Anonymous 69010

First and foremost, even were that true and it is not, that would be a choice they chose and not one forced up them. It's not even remotely comparable. Secondly,

>Are women seeking labiaplasty influenced by porn?

>Not usually! Some patients interested in labiaplasty are young women in their early teens who have physical discomfort during sports. Labia tissue can get stuck to their legs when running and cause pain or tearing. Other women wish to feel more comfortable in a bathing suit or yoga pants with the current "athleisure" clothing trend. They are not looking for a "perfect vagina". In contrast, they just want to feel more comfortable in intimate situations, in the locker room of their health club and in form-fitting lower body garments.


Anonymous Moderator 69020

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