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Anonymous 68998

How does it feel to be carried by a guy I dream about this it must be really nice. Do you have a favourite way of being carried?

Anonymous 68999


>I dream about this
Good dreams or nightmares?

Anonymous 69001

It's okay. I don't like being carried, it makes me feel smaller than I am. I want to feel tall.

Anonymous 69026

It makes me feel awkward. I get nervous and am suddenly even more hyper-aware of what I look like than usual. I feel teetery and unbalanced. The worst is sitting on someone's shoulders, gives me the fuckign shakes

Anonymous 69038


Not a fan of it. Doing the carrying is much more fun especially when the guy is smol and cute (and weak).

Anonymous 69044

Terrifying. I think of myself as a bigger girl so having a guy pick me up and carry me, even short distances, scares me because I think he’s going to hurt himself

Anonymous 69048

Subjugate them! Claws out meow meow!

Anonymous 69064

I love it when my bf carries me. I ask him to do it pretty often. It's one of those male strength things that amazes me.

Anonymous 69076

Sounds sweet. How does he carry you? Princess carry?

Anonymous 69083

It's fucking horrible. My boyfriend is really tall so when he lifts me, I'm at a height I'm not used to and panic. It also always feels like he's about to drop me at any second, especially when he readjusts me in his arms. It's like getting a backer from someone on a bike, it's nothing like you see in media. It also makes me feel like shit afterwards because my boyfriend can't effortlessly carry me like the main character in a movie when that's completely unnatural to begin with, most actresses are severely underweight and we shouldn't be comparing ourselves to them.

It's way more satisfying to cuddle in bed or lean into him while we're watching a film or slowdance.

Anonymous 69101

I normally would ride on his back and parade him around like he's my mule. I'd kick him in the ribs and yell "Go slave GO!" as he'd struggle under my weight to move around the room on all fours.
Maybe that's why we're not dating anymore.

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