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Anonymous 69003

Has anyone else just done fucking nothing since Covid began? I feel awful but I have literally spent every day vegging out, and it's insane

Anonymous 69009

People need adversity. Humans have the amazing ability to get sick of anything. We're not built to be stagnant.

Anonymous 69012


i've just been stoned in my disgusting room looking at imageboards and watching repetitive youtube vids for several months i've honestly completely lost my sense of time

Anonymous 69025


The only thing I've done is online university. Besides that my internet addiction has been allowed to spiral out of control.

Anonymous 69189


Yes. I feel like I should be doing something but I have nowhere or no one to go to. But scarily enough, video games and other distractions are becoming boring and I'm developing a masturbation addiction.

Anonymous 69198


I’m doing the same these days as well i literally don’t know how to stop.
It’s not even porn, it’s Japanese rated 18 audio CD’s. I’ve even bought some with my own money because I wanted some variety lol.

Anonymous 69208


I have done nothing with my life ever since I was done with basic school 8 years ago. COVID had zero impact in my life. Just been on my computer either browsing imageboards, watching videos or playing vidya.

Anonymous 69219

I beat Subnautica it was very good.

I'll start working on that portfolia any day now…

Anonymous 69232


I've done some work here and there but I'm still looking for a stable job. In my free time I either sleep or watch animu.

Anonymous 69233

Haven't done shit either. I tried to start uni, but I could not bring myself to do any work for the life of me, so I had to drop out. Been vegetating ever since.
I've picked up cooking as a hobby, I guess, but I'm otherwise useless.

Anonymous 69235

The only useful thing I've done is take up French lessons online. Ouside of that, I've been working from home so I have not had to leave the house at all. I get everything, including my groceries, delivered. This pandemic is allowing me to live my best NEET life, people think it's insane that I have not gone stir crazy yet.

Anonymous 69240

>working from home

Then you are not a NEET.

Anonymous 69246

Doesn't the definition of NEET vary as well, though? I thought it included those who had difficulty meeting workplace/social demands. Working remotely during the pandemic is the most I've ever consistently attended, if it weren't for that I would be calling in two or three days a week from anxiety anyway.

Anonymous 69247

"not in education employment or training". you're employed, whether or not you take an active role in that isn't really relevant? i guess you could say you're like… neet adjacent? i'm the same way in that i work from home, but i wouldn't say it's being neet. it's very different, they have a very different experience, even though we share some major similarities.

Anonymous 69249

yup just fapping and playing league of legends

im trying to draw but i have absolutely no motivation

Anonymous 69253

I have not done shit. I've gotten so used to just sitting at home doing next to nothing, I'm scared I'll have trouble adjusting when I finally go back to 'normal' life.

Anonymous 69265

Then you're a hikikomori, not a NEET. These terms are not the same thing.

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